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Top Virtual Counseling Platforms In 2022

Top Virtual Counseling Platforms In 2022

Many therapy services are currently available online, and thus, patients are tasked with locating one that is appropriate for their requirements. We evaluated the best virtual counseling sites based on reliability, proper communication, accessibility, and availability of caregivers to help ease your selection. So here is a comprehensive list of the top teletherapy platforms that may be of service to your mental health needs.


The platform was established in 2019 to combat COVID-19’s challenges at the time. Professional counselors are available throughout, resulting in more flexible sessions. A premium subscription package comprises four weekly video meetings. It is also essential to note that your location does not affect the subscription cost.

The site’s mental wellness practitioners help with issues like:

  • Anxiety;
  • Depression;
  • Fatigue;
  • Relationship glitches.

The registration process is straightforward. You’ll answer questions concerning what’s troubling you and the type of therapist you prefer. The assessment answers will pair you with a suitable specialist. After being assigned a mental health specialist, you can immediately proceed with your counseling meetings.


Since 2012, Talkspace has been providing internet counseling. It has connected one million patients with approved and experienced mental health specialists, notwithstanding their condition or location. Counseling meetings on these platforms are held through unlimited texts, video, and audio calling. Therapists at Talkspace use various methods to help their patients, including mindfulness and psychodynamics.

Clients are first provided a complimentary consultation to walk them through the platform’s services. After that, they are matched with a suitable therapist. Additionally, if you require more medical care, you will be connected with a specialist who will prescribe medication.

Weekly charges range from $49-$79. Even better, Talkspace is in partnership with a few insurance providers to ensure you do not dig into your pocket for services. Thus, it would be imperative to check if your insurance is usable. Therefore, from this Talkspace review, it is evident that if you want to minimize consultation fees, counseling, and prescription medications, Talkspace is the one-stop-shop for you.


BetterHelp’s qualified mental health specialists are licensed to address various problems, including:

  • Trauma disorders;
  • Anxiety;
  • Substance dependence;

The service gives clients various options for contacting mental wellness specialists. Unlimited conversation in a private chat room and synchronized meetings via audio and video calls are included. Clients access services through the platform’s mobile app for further convenience.

The price range for acquiring therapy is between $80-$100, billed monthly. The initial phase of the registration process is answering questionnaires and providing some information about yourself, including details of your condition.

It helps the counselors to get a preview of your problem and in matching you with an appropriate practitioner. If you have any preference on the mental health practitioner you would like to work with, you can mention it at this stage.

After completing registration, clients are paired with a like-minded counselor from a pool of more than 12000 licensed counselors. Noteworthy, patients can also request a new counselor if the one they’ve picked isn’t a suitable match.


Even the smoothest of relationships can hit rock bottom at times. Regain comes in useful in this situation. The platform primarily deals with relationships and family matters. It is possible to attend the meetings as a couple or alone. You can also attend the sessions alone and then invite your companion later. Noteworthy, three-way calls aren’t possible, and thus you and your significant other should be together.

Mental health practitioners at Regain handle issues such as:

  • Strained communication;
  • Infidelity;
  • Intimacy challenges;
  • Trust issues.

The communication in the private chat room will be available to both parties, including the counselor, for transparency. Means for communicating with a specialist include video, voice calls, and text messaging.

Weekly subscriptions on this platform range from $60-$80. When registering, you are first required to answer questions about yourself and your relationship and the difficulties that need to be addressed. After that, you proceed to pick your preferred expert from a collection of over 5000 licensed experts and begin your meetings immediately.

Teen Counselling

Every teen faces unique challenges depending on their background and social environment. It is why Teen Counseling offers individualized therapy meetings for parents and teenagers. Counseling can be started by either the teen or the parent. Counselors can be contacted via text, email, video conference, and audio calls.

The experts on this teletherapy site include psychologists, certified counselors, and skilled family psychotherapists. They deal with a wide range of challenges, including:

  • Family disputes;
  • Sexual identity;
  • Bullying;
  • Eating challenges;
  • Sleeping disorders;
  • Apprehension;

Pricing ranges from $60-$80 per month. Before acquiring help at the platform, the teen or parent has to answer various questions to let out more information about themselves and the challenges they are going through. After that, they are matched with a mental health practitioner who is appropriate for them.


The service focuses on psychological and behavioral counseling. Counselors can be contacted via the platform’s mobile app or official site. You can arrange a sitting or speak with a specialist on the spot. All meetings are held through video and audio calls.

Every mental wellness expert on this site holds a doctorate or master’s qualification. Therefore, prices differ according to the specialists’ qualifications. Psychiatrists have also been brought on board to help with medical management and prescriptions. The site also provides guidance and therapy for youngsters aged 10 to 17.

The upside of this site is that patients can pay for single sessions. Insurance is also accepted to ensure clients do not dent their pockets.


Experts on this site use psycho-social techniques and cognitive counseling to help clients manage their situations. Depression, alcohol and drug addiction, and anxiety are among the issues managed on this platform.

Yoga and mindfulness therapy videos and diary exercises are among the free materials available on the site. If you want more attention and one-on-one time with a specialist, you can pick one of the three available packages:

  • Basic plan priced at $31 weekly;
  • A premium plan for $63 weekly;
  • Standard package for $47 weekly.

For the standard plan, patients get one live video meeting weekly and unlimited texting all through the week. On the other hand, the premium package comprises two live video meetings in a week and unlimited responses from the counselors.

Doctor on Demand

The site has certified mental wellness experts as service providers. Psychiatrists on the site can send medical prescriptions to your local drugstore through the internet. The specialists on this platform can help if you’re dealing with:

  • Loss;
  • Parental issues;
  • Borderline personalities;
  • Anxiety;
  • Trauma disorders.

Signing up for help on the platform is free. The price range varies contingent on your insurance package. Therefore, check whether your insurance package is valid for usage on the platform when signing up for the services. Also, after signing up, you can examine the list of specialists before picking your preferred expert. You are also allowed to switch to a different professional along the way.

The Take-Away

All virtual counseling sites mentioned above offer diverse means for customers to communicate with specialists, ranging from video chats to unrestricted text messaging. Their registration processes are also streamlined.

However, your attitude, interaction with the specialist, and commitment to the course all play vital roles in the efficacy of online counseling. Whichever virtual counseling platform you pick, be sure its services are dependable and accessible, and the communication channels offered are convenient.

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