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Top 8 Sexy Christmas Gifts

Top 8 Sexy Christmas Gifts

Candles, gingerbread houses, Christmas toys – Giving someone a sexy gift for Christmas is a risky move but we still encourage you to replace the traditional Christmas gift list with provocative items that will truly surprise your friends and loved ones. We made a rating of the top 8 sexy Christmas gifts.

1. Accessories

Masks, whips, ribbons, handcuffs, and ticklers are not just for BDSM fans. Silk, satin, feather, and suede accessories for sexual tricks appear luxurious and provide a variety of pleasurable sensations. It is up to you or your loved one to decide which part of the body to caress with them and who will be considered the owner of all this beauty.

2. Vaginal Balls

Among the sex industry inventions, it is difficult to find anything simpler, brilliant, and useful all at the same time. They are made of wood, plastic, glass, metal, latex, and many other materials. For those who have never dealt with them, it is best to give away lighter models, for aesthetics – designer balls in beautiful velvet bags and jewelry boxes. The possibilities for application are limited only by your imagination. Vibrating and studded – for new experience, with a shifted center of gravity – to young mothers to return the vagina to its former strength as soon as possible, to yourself – to finally start doing Kegel exercises from the New Year. By the way, balloons can be put on the shelf completely calmly: not only children but also most of your adult guests will not guess the true purpose.

3. Vibrators

Vibrators for both men and women are so diverse that the time left until the New Year may not be enough to finally make a choice. Give yourself the freedom to truly enjoy – after all, Valentine’s Day and March 8 are still to come. High-tech fixtures are perfect – with smooth lines, shiny surfaces, and space contours. You can imagine what these devices will be capable of in your bed when you finally dare to touch them.

4. Intimate Jewelry

Everything is the same as what you usually admire on the jewelry counters, but for other parts of the body. Waist chains, ankle bracelets, foot rings, clips, and rings are not only elegant but also increase the flow of blood to the nipples and other equally sensitive erogenous areas.

5. Erotic And Carnival Costumes

If you are passionate about sexual restraints and writing screenplays, Don’t forget the gift for yourself – a sexy evening outfit, a little more provocative than usual, can be a good start to a new erotic stage of your life in the coming year.

6. Furniture For Sex

Chairs with flexible seats and holes, inflatable chairs with dildos, and royal beds for love, completely repeating the curves of lovers’ bodies, are indispensable for lovers to try different poses. No one else will have to wipe their hands and knees to hold on to the weight and not lose the love heat.

7. Intimate Shaving Template

It will not only significantly save on visiting an intimate stylist, but also surprise the partner – both with the result and the process. And if you attach to the gift a joking instruction of the role-playing game “Fashion hairdresser and his pretty client”, it becomes clear that the skillful hands in this process – are not the most important thing

8. Erotic Games

Maps with photos, flirting cards, board games in the style of a monopoly for two and large companies, computer games– for undressing, puzzles, and cartoons, are all great sexy Christmas gifts. To participate in some of the more difficult games, not only skill and a good mood are required, but also intelligence and luck. So dare, and let you be lucky both in love and in the game!

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