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This Easy Mat Workout for Weight Loss Takes Just 5 Minutes

This Easy Mat Workout for Weight Loss Takes Just 5 Minutes

Let’s get real: Life always seems to be busy. It can be especially challenging to carve out time for exercise and the weight loss goals you may have, but your overall well-being matters most. We feel your stress and are here with the easiest five-minute mat workout for weight loss. You heard that right—five minutes is all it takes!

Keep reading to learn all about why doing mat work is beneficial to your weight loss efforts, along with an expert’s five-minute routine that works. And next, don’t miss Drop 10 Pounds Fast With This 10-Minute Daily Workout.

The benefits of doing a mat workout for weight loss.

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Eat This, Not That! spoke with Mike Bohl, MD, MPH, ALM, a member of our Medical Expert Board and a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who has helped develop the Body Program at Ro, who explains the many benefits of mat exercises when your goal is weight loss.

“Mat workouts generally use many muscle groups at once as well as large muscle groups, like the muscles in the legs and buttocks. This burns more calories than working out smaller, individual muscles. Mat workouts are also productive when you’re looking to lose weight because they are easy to fit into the day and don’t require any equipment except the mat,” Dr. Bohl says.

So even though you find yourself with little or no time in between work, commitments, and social activities, it’s pretty easy to squeeze in a five-minute mat workout. Everything you burn helps! How much does it help, exactly? Well, according to Dr. Bohl, you have to torch around 3,500 calories for each pound of fat you want to lose.

He adds, “Even the most intense mat workout may only burn about 50 calories in five minutes, so in order to see results from these mat workouts alone, you’d have to do them several times a day and for several weeks.”

If you’re on a serious weight loss journey, it’s essential to consider the results you will generate from doing these mat workouts and your overall goal. This workout is a great way to give yourself a solid boost of energy while burning some extra calories each day.

“[When] combined with other forms of exercise each day (as well as eating a calorie deficit), mat workouts can help you get to your goal,” explains Dr. Bohl.

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Check out Dr. Bohl’s five-minute mat workout for weight loss:

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Let’s get started. To torch the maximum amount of calories in a five-minute mat workout for weight loss, it’s important to choose exercises that involve lots of muscle contraction and movement. The best way to accomplish this is to select between four and five exercises and perform each one of them for approximately one minute. Take only a quick break before doing the next one.

Dr. Bohl shares with us this five-minute mat workout for weight loss, and it will work like a charm!

One minute of mountain climbers: To perform mountain climbers, you’ll begin in a high plank/pushup position with your hands right below your shoulders, according to PureGym. In a speedy fashion, bring your right knee to your chest before returning it to the start position. Repeat on the left side, and alternate sides for one minute.

Rest for 15 seconds.

One minute of bicycle crunches: To perform this bodyweight exercise, lie flat on your back on a mat. Press your lower back into the floor, and place both hands behind your head, MasterClass instructs. Your shoulder blades should come off the mat, and your knees should form two 90-degree angles. Channel riding a bike as you bring your left elbow to your right knee, and then your right elbow to your left knee, alternating for one minute.

Rest for 15 seconds.

Do side leg raises on one side for 30 seconds: Start off this exercise by lying down on your right side on a mat and tucking your chin, MasterClass instructs. Put your left hand on your hip or keep it at the front of your waist to maintain stability. Stack and extend your legs. Next, raise your left leg about 10 inches, pause, then lower it back down. Keep raising and lowering your leg for 30 seconds.

Complete 30 seconds of side leg raises on the opposite side.

Rest for 15 seconds.

Do flutter kicks for 30 seconds: For flutter kicks, The Gym Group instructs you to lie down on your back on a mat. Straighten out both legs so they form a 45-degree angle. Both legs should be raised off the floor, and your arms should be kept by the sides of your body. Bring your neck, head, and shoulders just a bit off the floor. Next, flutter—or kick—your legs up and then back down. Your abs should remain still. Perform flutter kicks for 30 seconds.

Rest for 15 seconds.

Complete 30 more seconds of flutter kicks.

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