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The Best Yoga for Seniors YouTube Videos • Z1wellness

The Best Yoga for Seniors YouTube Videos • Z1wellness

Yoga has been shown to improve balance, flexibility, strength, endurance, and mental clarity in older adults. It helps to prevent falls, reduce stress, increase bone density, and even lower blood pressure. If you are looking for some great yoga videos for seniors, then you should check out these top YouTube yoga videos we have collected. They are all accessible for beginners and will empower you to incorporate yoga into your daily wellness routine.

What is yoga for seniors?

Yoga for seniors are yoga classes designed to meet the needs of older adults, including those with chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, obesity, osteoporosis, and others. The yoga postures taught in a Yoga for seniors class are gentle and easy but still help improve flexibility, balance, strength, endurance, and overall wellbeing. Yoga for seniors is a safe, effective, and enjoyable way to stay healthy and active. It has been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase bone density, improve sleep patterns, strengthen bones, and increase range of motion.

You may find yoga for seniors classes held at yoga studios and fitness centers in large metropolitan areas like New York City or offered at retirement centers around the country. If you cannot find a seniors yoga class nearby, you can access our list of the best yoga for seniors YouTube videos below.

Yoga for Seniors YouTube Videos

In the following free videos, you will learn how to incorporate yoga into your daily routine to maintain optimal health and wellness as you age. All of these videos are appropriate for any level of experience and ability. The chair yoga classes will be the easiest and most accessible to strengthen the body and calm the mind. The classes with primarily standing and floor poses will be more challenging and require a bit more strength and mobility to participate.

Gentle Chair Yoga Senior Workout by SeniorShape Fitness

For those stiff days when you can’t get down to the floor, check out this great 15-minute chair yoga workout. You will be led through a series of chair poses to gently stretch your shoulders, chest, triceps, glutes, thighs and back muscles. This class is appropriate for any fitness level, and you will need a sturdy chair, preferably without arms, to follow along in this video.

Gentle Chair Yoga for Beginners and Seniors by Yoga with Kassandra

This 17-minute chair yoga sequence is suitable for all experience levels to build strength and increase flexibility. You won’t need anything other than a sturdy chair, preferably one that doesn’t have arms and one that has good back support. The class begins with some basic neck, shoulder and upper body stretches. The remainder of the practice focuses on the legs and lower body. This yoga for beginners video ends with a chair version of shavasana pose.

Chair Yoga for Seniors by BrettLarkinYoga

This 20-minute chair yoga video includes both siting and standing poses. These easy chair yoga exercises are designed for seniors or people with a limited range of motion, so everyone can enjoy this practice. The class starts standing behind the chair with a forward fold and shoulder stretch and side bend. The sequence continues with a mix of seated and standing poses and ends with some neck stretches and a few calming breaths.

Evening Yoga for Seniors by Yoga with Joelle

This 10-minute evening yoga for seniors class encourages you to wind down our day with a slow sequence of calming poses performed standing, on the floor, and in a chair. This practice is perfect to do right before bedtime, but if you prefer a more energizing class, Joelle also offers a Morning Yoga for Seniors video.

Slow and Gentle Yoga For Seniors by Yoga With Adriene

This calming, slow and gentle 28-minute class is designed specifically for senior yogis. The intention of the class is to “relieve stress, cultivate a clear mind and a strong body.” You can practice the first part of this video on a chair or on the edge of your couch. If you are practicing on the floor, you may want to use a yoga blanket, thick towel, firm pillow for the practice.

Gentle Yoga For Seniors and Beginners by Gentle Yoga and Wellness

This 33-minute yoga for seniors class is designed for increasing flexibility and promoting deep relaxation. The class starts with a warm-up on your back to bring awareness to the breath and then continues through a slow sequence of gentle floor poses. The practice ends with a supported bridge pose for the ending relaxation.

Daily Yoga Exercises for Seniors by Leigha Butler

In this 12-minute video, you will begin in mountain pose with some shoulder and arm warmups to focus on mindful breathing. The class continues with all standing poses to stretch and strengthen the legs, ccore,and low back muscles. The practice ends back in mountain pose with setting an intention for the rest of your day.

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