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Mood-Boosting Tips And Tricks You Can Do At Home

Mood-Boosting Tips And Tricks You Can Do At Home

Our homes have a big impact on our mood and outlook. The winter blues can be tough for everyone and when you’re spending more time at home, little things can make a difference in lifting your spirits. Here are some ideas to create a feel-good environment in your personal space.

Bring Nature Indoors

Incorporating natural elements engages our senses and connects us to the calming rhythms of the natural world.

  • Display fresh flowers and live plants to bring vibrancy and life into a room. Tend to plants diligently and replace flowers when they wilt.
  • Open windows regularly to let fresh air circulate. Place a comfortable chair or sofa near the window to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Use essential oil diffusers or reed diffusers with natural scents like eucalyptus, pine, vanilla, or lavender. Avoid synthetic, chemical-laden air fresheners.
  • Place a small indoor water feature such as a tabletop fountain to provide tranquil ambient water sounds.
  • Display natural items like shells, stones, feathers, or branches gathered from outside to maintain a sense of connection.
  • Add touches of greenery and wood tones to your decor to create a natural look and feel.

Optimise Lighting For Improved Mood

Lighting has a profound impact on our mood and energy levels. Evaluate lighting needs room-by-room.

  • Use full-spectrum, daylight, or LED bulbs to mimic natural light. These reduce eye strain and fatigue.
  • Layer lighting for flexibility – mix overhead, task and accent lighting as needed. Use dimmers.
  • Maximise natural light during the day by opening drapes and blinds. Clean windows to allow full light through.
  • Add mirrors and reflective surfaces to brighten up dark corners and “bounce” natural light around.
  • Give preference to floor and table lamps over overhead lighting for a softer, cosier ambience at night.
  • Use strings of twinkle lights, candles, or lanterns to add warmth and playfulness after dark.

Add Pops Of Uplifting Colour

Colour profoundly influences mood. Paint, accessories, textiles, and artwork are easy ways to inject feel-good colour.

  • Go with light, bright wall colours like pale blue, green or yellow to evoke feelings of energy and cheer.
  • Use accents in vibrant jewel tones or sunny shades of orange and red for an instant positivity boost.
  • Limit black and white, which can feel stark and sterile if overused. Use sparingly and purposefully as accents.
  • Display artwork and photos with bright, upbeat colours and warm hues. Coordinate frames for a pulled-together look.
  • Choose patterned rugs, pillows and throws in colours that inspire you. Change them up seasonally for freshness.
  • Keep fresh flowers in colours that boost your mood – try yellow, pink, and orange. Replace when blooms start to fade.

Make Little Upgrades To Your Home

Even small upgrades can make your home function better for you and lift your spirits.

  • Repair sticking drawers, squeaky doors, and dripping faucets – these little annoyances drain energy when left undone.
  • Upgrade old appliances like refrigerators or washing machines that are inefficient, unreliable, or irritating to use. Avoid excessive repair costs on aging appliances.
  • Install convenient storage solutions like racks, bins, and shelving to easily access items and keep clutter contained. Hide eyesores you can’t part with.
  • Update lighting with stylish new fixtures – pendants, sconces, accent lamps – to refresh a room’s look. Clear light switches and Perspex light switches are a great way to add a little light. The clear switches and sockets from Corston are a great place to start. Visit their website for more inspiration!
  • Replace heavy drapes with airy sheers or blinds to let in natural light and create an open, welcoming ambience.
  • Update surround sound, TVs or internet/wi-fi equipment to optimise entertainment and connectivity.
  • Replace worn-out mattresses and bedding to ensure a comfortable, relaxing sleep space.

Curate Soothing Soundscape

The sounds in our environment profoundly influence how we feel. Evaluate the comfort of sounds throughout your home.

  • Mask irritating noises like street traffic with a sound machine or calming music. Favour natural sounds like rainstorms or ocean waves.
  • Upgrade loud appliances like vacuums and dishwashers for quieter options. Install sound-dampening materials if needed.
  • Minimise television and background music. Silence can be nourishing. When using sound, opt for uplifting, upbeat selections.
  • Acoustic panels, rugs and curtains absorb echo and ambient noise to create a more soothing aural space.
  • Open windows to let in ambient nature sounds like birdsong, wind, and rain. Close windows and doors to minimise unwanted noise.

Display Inspiring Images And Quotes

Surround yourself with images, quotes and messages that lift you up.

  • Frame inspiring art prints, family photos, travel mementoes and crafts to highlight your passions.
  • Decorate with cheerful reminders like “Hello Sunshine” and “Home Sweet Home.” Avoid negative phrases.
  • Use washi tape, whiteboards, or digital frames to display inspiring quotes that resonate with you. Change them up periodically.
  • Keep vision boards, gratitude journals or framed goal statements in view as motivating reminders.
  • Apply favourite quotes or mantras to phone lock screens and computer desktops to see them frequently.
  • Rotate children’s artwork and favourite photos to keep cherished memories and loved ones close.

With thoughtful tweaks to your living space, you can create an uplifting environment to support you emotionally and boost your mood every day. A serene, cheerful, and comfortable home provides refuge and energizes you to take on life’s challenges.

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