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If You’re Thinking Of Getting A Dog

If You’re Thinking Of Getting A Dog

Dogs are some of the greatest pets you can have in your home. Many of them are protective and will keep you safe from harm, while others are the most loving companions who will chase away lonely feelings. Dogs improve your health when you take care of them, and they can inspire you to be the best you that you can be. Here are just a few reasons why getting could be the best thing you ever do:

1. They Remind You You’re Not Alone

When you have a dog in the home, you’re never alone. They always want to be with you. With a dog by your side, you’ll never feel like nobody loves you. Dogs love unconditionally and will want to be there for you, through your ups and downs. With a dog to talk to, even if they can’t respond in your language, you’ll just feel less alone.

2. They’re Good For Your Heart

Dogs really are good for their owners’ health. Owning a dog means you’ll likely have lower blood pressure, which means you have a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and other heart-related issues. Just by keeping a dog close by, you can improve your health and feel happier. A dog makes for the perfect addition to your family.

3. They Teach Responsibility

Some people get dogs for their kids to teach them how to care for something. While this idea may not always work, as an adult, you should know that a dog comes with responsibilities and financial obligations, sometimes ones you only see once you have the pup.

Still, with all these responsibilities, your dog can motivate you. Even when you feel like you’re worthless and don’t want to do anything, you have someone who depends on you to live. That fact alone can get you up and keep you going when times feel tough.

4. They Get You Moving

People who own dogs automatically seem to be more active than people who don’t have pets. This fact is likely because dogs require a lot of exercise demands. More active breeds need long, tiring walks and several playtime sessions. Even lazier breeds still need walks.

Getting out in nature can benefit you, too. By spending time outside on a walk, you might feel your symptoms of anxiety and depression beginning to ease. While nature isn’t a cure-all for any health conditions, it can certainly help you feel a bit lighter. Plus, you’ll have your dog with you.

5. They Can Help You Feel Safe

Some people feel safer with a dog in their home. Sometimes, the appearance of a dog in the home, even if the dog isn’t inherently protective over its household, can deter criminals from targeting your home. If your dog likes to bark, you might feel safer knowing that their bark could ward off intruders. Even if your dog wouldn’t hurt a fly, you shouldn’t underestimate the lengths they would go to in order to protect you.

6. They Make You Social

Dogs naturally seem to be extroverts. They can get you out of the house and going to dog-friendly locations before you know it. When people see a dog, they often want to say hi or admire them. If you take a dog outside, chances are that you’ll find someone to talk to. They can work great as partners that can teach you how to speak to others, especially if you’re shy.

Going to dog parks is a great way to meet other dog owners while benefiting your pup. Dogs who get regular intense exercise will be less likely to develop health conditions, making a fenced-in area your dog can run crucial to your pup’s well-being. By visiting a dog park, you can make friends with other dog owners, give or receive advice and exercise your dog all at once. It’s a must-visit for anyone who doesn’t have a yard for their dog to run around in.

7. They Help With Dating

Dogs are a built-in icebreaker. If you need help talking to people you’re interested in, bring up that you have a dog. This conversation might lead to fun date ideas where you can bring your dog along, or you may bond with the other person who loves or also owns a dog. When you have trouble talking to people, dogs help to break that initial barrier. With their help, you’ll be more comfortable talking to people.

8. They Relieve Stress

Ever wonder why cuddling your pet helps you feel better after a long, stressful day? Simply having a pet nearby can lower your stress levels. Having pets in the workplace can decrease employees’ stress levels and help them feel more comfortable in the office. While it may not be for every workplace, a dog-friendly space can help put people at ease, and you might find that you’re more productive with your best friend around.

9. They Provide Entertainment

Dogs are inherently pretty goofy. You may just be sitting on the couch watching television when your dog decides to do something funny that makes you pull out the camera. You’ll never be short of smiles when your dog is around. They’ll keep your moods boosted with their silly antics, no matter the time of day.

10. They’re The Best!

Dogs are considered man’s best friend for a reason. They’re loyal and will stay by your side, no matter what. Many dogs have become heroes by saving their owners just because they wouldn’t abandon them. They’re lovable creatures who would give their all to a family that treats them right. Nearly 75% of pet owners in the United States own a dog, showing that they truly are the favorite pet. By adding one to your household, you’ll be bringing home a best friend who will never want to leave your side.

Dogs Are Right For Just About Everyone

There might be a couple of wrong times to get a dog. You shouldn’t get a dog if you have a hectic lifestyle that leaves you with no time for one. However, if you have some free time and feel lonely, adding a dog to your household can only improve your life. Your pet will come with several new responsibilities, but you can find easy ways to make them fun. Most importantly, you should enjoy your new life with your new best friend.

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