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How To Take Care Of Your Spiritual Health

How To Take Care Of Your Spiritual Health

We all know how important it is to take care of our physical health, and mental health care has become prominent over the last few years too. These aspects of our well-being are crucial and we should be paying close attention to them, but many people are neglecting their spiritual health.

Our spiritual selves need nurturing too, which means staying closely in tune with our faith, growing and learning more in our spiritual journeys and simply living more mindfully and aligned with our beliefs and values.

Here are five ways you can care for yourself each day.

Read Daily

Reading is an important part of connecting with your faith, learning more and being habitual about your spiritual health. You might study the Bible (or the religious texts of whichever faith you follow), read daily devotional pieces, or even consume other forms of content like spiritual podcasts.

Look out for books from Pentecostal Publishing House that you think might help you on your own personal journey with God, find a Bible study course to guide you through the Word, or spend time looking for digital content that will fuel your soul.

Set A Prayer Routine

Praying routinely will help you to build a close relationship with God which should form the foundation of your faith. In the same way as you might speak daily with a partner or close friend, talking to God should be a part of your everyday life.

You might be able to build the habit by setting a morning prayer routine, or something similar in the evenings, after work. Whenever you have time (or can make time) take 10 to 20 minutes to sit in silence and thank God for your blessings, and ask him to watch over your day.

Work On Mindfulness

We live in a busy age full of distractions and countless things vying for our attention. Fighting against this mindset might not feel like a spiritual practice, but living in the present moment and connecting fully to every activity you partake in can really connect you to yourself and your greater purpose.

Try practising mindfulness as often as possible – you might consider using meditation to improve this skill.

Serve Others

The concept of spiritual community doesn’t begin and end with visiting church on Sunday mornings. It’s also important to serve others by getting involved in your community in some way.

Find a local charity that you can help out, or commit to something as simple as going for a walk once a week with an elderly neighbour, and sharing a cup of tea afterwards. Serving others doesn’t need to involve huge acts or lots of money – simple acts of kindness and weekly commitments will make the world of difference.

Get Outside More

You’ve probably been told to get outside countless times by family, fitness gurus and meditation masters, and you really should take the advice.

Spending time in nature has far-reaching benefits that go beyond spiritual health – it will benefit your mental and physical health too, but connecting with God at His roots does wonders for the soul.

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