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How To Improve Trucker Sleep Quality

How To Improve Trucker Sleep Quality

One thing that isn’t talked about enough in the world of trucking is the importance of sleep. Driving for hours at a time across extreme distances can take a lot out of somebody. No matter how much experience you have with the job, there’s going to come a point where you have to get some rest before you drive anymore. When you do attempt to sleep, you may find that it’s not as easy as you may think to get some quality shut-eye in a truck. Whether it be your personal habits, the state of your cab, or even if you have the wrong truck mattress size inhibiting your sleep, it is essential to take the necessary steps to ensure you get enough quality sleep. Read on to find out how you can improve your sleep quality while you’re out on a job.

Reduction Of Light In Cab

Sleeping in the presence of bright lights is extremely difficult, and it decreases the overall quality of the sleep that you do get. When you’re looking to settle in for some Zs, try to reduce the amount of light in your cab so that your sleep is as restful as possible. To do so you can put a cover over your windshield, and close any shades you may have in your sleeping area. Some people opt to use an eye mask as well to ensure that they block out as much light as they can.

Reduction Of Sound In Cab

Another thing that can easily keep you from getting the rest you need is an overabundance of noise in the cab. Though this is a situation that may be a little harder to navigate than the light problem, investing in some high-quality earplugs can help you get to sleep sooner if you’re stuck in a noisy cab. If you can sleep to some kind of soothing sounds, like rain falling, or even some light music, then that can be helpful for blocking out any annoying sounds from the outside world.

A Quality Mattress

One of the biggest things that tend to keep truckers from getting the sleep they need is an uncomfortable mattress. It will definitely be worth it to get a high-quality mattress to sleep on. Of course, when it comes to what is the best semi truck mattress to buy for your truck, it’s all up to personal preference. Shop around and try to find one that works for you. After you do that, grab a nice pillow and some sheets to go with it, and you may end up sleeping easier.

A Set Routine

Staying on a set sleep schedule is another great way to ensure that you get proper rest. Trying to mix up when you go to sleep all of the time is a great way to mess with your body’s internal clock. It will inevitably lead to you ruining the quality of your sleep. If you prefer to drive at night, then find a good time during the day to rest. If you like driving in the day, then sleep through the night. This will all depend on your personal preference, but try to stick to sleeping at certain times. You may find that it’s easier to get to bed if you do so.

A Good Diet And Eating Schedule

Your diet has a lot to do with the quality of your sleep. If you eat a lot of sugary, and caffeinated food and drinks then you’re sure to wind up feeling jittery and restless before you go to sleep. Try to stick to a balanced diet, even if it might be hard when you’re on the road. Avoid drinking a coffee, or an energy drink if you know that you’re going to be trying to sleep within a few hours. You also want to try and stick to eating your meals at set times every day as well. Mixing up when you eat can throw off your ability to get some rest.

Semi-Cab Temperature

Everyone has their preference when it comes to their preferred temperature for sleep. Some like it cooler in the room that they sleep in and some prefer it a little warmer. Regardless, you can’t leave the truck running all night with the A/C on. To fix this problem, you can buy a small fan or space heater. Between these two things you should be able to get your cab to a comfortable temperature for you to sleep in.


Having quality rest can help ensure that you drive safely, and efficiently when you’re out on a job. Following these tips can help you get high-quality sleep no matter where the road takes you. Get the sleep you need and stay safe out there.

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