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How To Get Your Life Together After Divorce

How To Get Your Life Together After Divorce

Once the life you knew so well ends, it can be hard to move on. Of course, no one expects you to pick up the pieces of yourself and put them together as soon as the divorce is over, but in time, it’s important to get your life together and continue living. And living is so much easier when you’re well-organized. So here are a few tips on how to organize your life after divorce and move on in the right direction:

Take A Good Look At Your Finances

Money is not the most important thing in the world, but it is important for survival. And every divorce leads to at least some concern about money, no matter how rich you are. Make sure to examine your financial situation and understand what kind of changes you’ll need to make after divorce. Take a look at your bank accounts, mortgage, credit cards, trusts, IRAs, etc., and list your liquid and fixed assets. Next, compare your income with your expenses (mortgage, car payments, tuition for kids, living expenses, etc.). Now it’s time to put together a realistic financial plan. And don’t feel sorry for the money you’ll pay to your financial manager—they are really worth every cent, especially if financial documents look like Greek to you.

Downsize Your Home

It might feel amazing to get the marital house in the divorce and live in it alone, but don’t fight for it at all costs. There’s a big chance that you can’t really afford the mortgage, taxes, insurance, maintenance and all other costs that come with the house. Instead of staying attached to the ideas of your marriage, choose to downsize. Many women who downsize after divorce are more than happy with their decision to get something smaller, rent or even stay with family. It’s not only cheaper to move out, but it’s also emotionally easier not to live in a house you used to share with your ex. With more affordable housing comes more money, better financial security and more self-esteem. And don’t forget you’ll have a chance to decorate your single house just the way you want, finally use your Pinterest board or put your DIY skills to good use.

Exchange Property

The house is not the only property you have to divide in the divorce. Once you’re ready to talk with your ex, make sure to call them and set up a preferred time and date to meet up and exchange certain items. This is not only civil behavior, but the exchange of property is mandated by law in many places. You probably already exchanged some property, but it’s essential to sort this out completely so you can get organized and continue with your new life. And make sure to inspect your property right away. For instance, if you’re getting a car in your divorce, take it to a good car service and get it checked out. The sooner you handle any issues with it, the better your safety will be. Plus, you’ll save time and money in the long run.

Set Up Child Support

Your attorney probably already prepared child support paperwork. If you’re receiving child support, you don’t have to do too much, but if you’re giving it, there are a few things to pay attention to. Make sure to create a good schedule of your payments (don’t rely on the State to keep records for you). Do not pay in cash even if your ex agrees to this type of transaction. Why? Well, this payment won’t show on your record and your ex can claim that you missed your payment.

Find A Good Support System

This final piece of information on getting your life sorted out after divorce might be the most important one. When you’re married, your family is the center of your world. No matter how miserable you were, you still had a partner and maybe even kids. You had someone to rely on with chores, bills, meals and discussions. After you get a divorce, you will find an empty bed and dining table and it will be just you and the kids, or maybe just you alone.

In order to survive this period, make sure to have a good support system. Maybe you can rely on your family or friends. Maybe there’s a therapist or life coach to help you come to terms with your situation. Try to find a place where you can meet with people with similar lifestyles and experiences. Getting your emotional state in line is just as important as taking care of your finances, property and alimony.

Divorce is a nasty thing, but often, it’s 100% necessary in order for you and your ex to be happy again. After you take care of the listed things above, you can start the healing and try your best to continue living your life as best as you can.

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