Easy Ways To Bring Your Life Back In Order

Some people are naturally organized and seem to always have everything under control. Others like us are messy in every way—we’re often late, often lose things, often forget important dates, etc. But while these negative habits are hard to fix, it’s not impossible to get rid of them and organize your life. Here are a few easy tips that will help you bring your life back in order in a matter of weeks:

Cut Back On Unnecessary Activities

Take a few days to write down all the activities you do and how much time you spend on each of them. Examine the list and see whether you can cut on some of the useless activities that don’t do anything beneficial in your life, like watching TV, scrolling TikTok and going to grab food when you have food at home. See how you can limit these distractions and dedicate more time to things that are actually important, like spending quality time with family and friends, focusing on advancing your career and taking time to reflect on your life.

Prepare For The Following Morning

If you often find yourself panicking in the morning because you’ve overslept or forgot to prepare important things for the day, do your preparation the night before. The truth is that our “evening selves” are very selfish and would do anything just to be comfortable. But that doesn’t do our “morning selves” any favors. To bring some peace and order to your mornings, you can prepare your work outfit, prep breakfast, set the coffee pot to start before you wake up, etc. All of this will take you 15-20 minutes tops, yet it will mean so much to you in the morning.

Organize Your Space

If you’re usually very responsible with your work and social obligations, it doesn’t mean that every part of your life is in top shape. Many of us struggle with keeping our homes tidy and organized due to stress, overworking and sometimes laziness. Well, what you can do to bring your home back in order is invest in a new closet. For instance, Australians have learned that walk-in closets are much easier to keep tidy, so they are investing in them all over the country. Check out the most popular walk in wardrobes and consider placing one in your home. This way, you’ll not only get much more space for your things but also have an easy way to hide any clutter. It’s also smart to do thorough decluttering and place the things you decide to keep in practical storage bins.

Write Things Down

Every time you think you will remember to do something, you’re just lying to yourself. Don’t let great opportunities pass you by because you didn’t write down the reminders. Grab a small notebook for notes and keep track of all things important, like your work schedule, after-work errands, social obligations, etc. This book can even be a great place to write down your ideas.

Give Yourself Some Buffer Time

It’s very important to enjoy a transitional period between work and home and vice versa. If you work from the office, this transitional time can be spent commuting, grabbing a salad on your way home or passing a local park. Separating your work from your life is much trickier when you work from home, but it’s not impossible. What works for many is taking a short walk after you finish your work day and before settling down to relax. Or you can do some light meditation for 10-15 minutes. A much less healthy habit is to check social media for a few minutes, but it also works.

Take The Day Off

For many, this might be an expensive investment, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or a freelancer. However, once you see the benefits of this investment, you’ll feel so much better about the money and time you might be “losing.” What you can do to relax and tame the crazy is take one day a week to do absolutely nothing – no work, no errands, no forced social obligations. This free day will help you relax physically and mentally, give you time to envision your future, maintain balance, face reality and improve your mood.

All of these tips above seem pretty straightforward, yet they do require a lot of attention. However, if you persevere for a month, you’ll create positive habits that will bring order, peace and prosperity to your life.

Author Bio

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in business and marketing related topics.

In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

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