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Discover Why Social Networking Is Bad for Mental Health

Discover Why Social Networking Is Bad for Mental Health

Social networks have important advantages regarding their use, which have spread throughout the world thanks to their incredible functionalities. Unfortunately, however, they also have several things going against them, and there is the problem of social networks. Here we investigate the worst networks for teen mental health.

The Growing Use Of Filters In Social Networks

In 2015, the app called Snapchat hit the market, which was the first to add beauty-enhancing filters, causing beauty standards to change among social media users.

Of course, we all want to look good in our profile pictures, but beauty standards far from reality is one of the bad things about social media.

In social networks we see more and more perfect people, creating authentic body shapes of beauty that can cause emotional damage in teenagers, feeling less than what is posted on social networks. That is why it is extremely important to take care of what our children do on these social networks and with the help of mSpy the imei tracker app or other different functions avoid problems that can affect the mental health of teenagers.

The Psychological Impacts Of The New Beauty Standards

Every day thousands of selfies are shared through social networks, which, of course, have an orientation of wanting to show the perfect side of each person, so many of them are highly edited, using applications such as Facetune and Snapchat, because people want to look the best of their sides.

The high standards of beauty on social media is one of the reasons why social media is bad for mental health, because it’s not just about the images posted on social media.

In reality, people want to look that way, going so far as to visit cosmetic surgeons in order to look more and more like the photos retouched by applications.

This is on the rise in those under the age of 18, since, teenagers still do not create that sense of acceptance that is so important, and seeing perfect people posting their photos on social networks, can cause depression or even denial of not loving and accepting oneself as one is.

In this case the worst social network is Instagram, since, it exhibits unattainable beauty standards and lifestyle photos which, people and teenagers cannot reach.

Helping Your Teenagers Manage The Effects Of Social Networking Sites

The dangers of social networks for adolescents are increasing, strongly affecting their self-esteem and sense of acceptance, so it is important to teach them the correct use through the formation of strong self-esteem and not only prohibit them from using social networks.

Here are some tips on how to watch out for and avoid the worst social networks for Teens:

  • Promote body positivity among adolescents
  • Help your children to have better digital habits
  • Monitor teenagers’ use of social networks, for this I recommend mSpy
  • With mSpy you will be able to avoid danger for teenagers by monitoring the interactions your children have and the way they use them, you will know how to prevent any situation
  • Don’t be afraid to communicate
  • Be understanding


Despite the fact that the use of the internet and digital media has spread strongly among all of us, we cannot forget that social networks are bad for young people.

That is why it is extremely important to pay attention to everything our adolescents do and avoid future emotional problems that can lead to a lack of self-esteem and damage to their mental health.

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