The 6 Best Foods To Reduce Belly Fat After 50 — Eat This Not That

While getting rid of those extra pounds standing between you and your jeans fitting comfortably may be your goal when you embark on a...

The #1 Best Berry for Weight Loss, Says Dietitian — Eat This Not That

Summer is the season of berries—and there are so many to choose from to sprinkle on your morning granola, snack on midday, mix into...

85 It’s The Little Things Quotes to Help You Enjoy the Small Moments and Things in Life

It’s the little things that matter. A small thing like a hug or a kind text message can re-energize you and turn a bad day...

11 Ways to Practice Spiritual Sexuality 

Let’s chat about sex and spirituality — aka “conscious sexuality.”  Traditionally, North American culture frames sexual intimacy as a dirty, shameful, politicized act — which...

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