15 Triggers That Empaths Are Extremely Sensitive To 

Empathic behavior — the ability and habit of sensing and uploading others’ emotions, feelings, and thoughts — is an oft-discussed topic. Around every click, someone...

This Easy Mat Workout for Weight Loss Takes Just 5 Minutes

Let's get real: Life always seems to be busy. It can be especially challenging to carve out time for exercise and the weight loss...

Lose More Weight by Following 8 Little Nighttime Habits

Many things that can throw your weight loss progress off track occur late at night, whether that's enjoying a few more cocktails after dinner...

107 Friday Quotes to Start Your Weekend Just Right

Friday is finally here again. The end of the work week. And the start of the weekend. It’s one of the best days of the week...

25 Sneaky Reasons You’re Gaining Weight

If the number on the scale keeps going up despite your best efforts, you're not alone. We spoke with the experts who share with...

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