The #1 Diet to Lose Weight and Keep It Off, Says New Study — Eat This Not That

When it comes to diets that might help you lose potentially unhealthy pounds, there are certainly quite a few options. However, when it comes...

Stretch Marks After Weight Loss: Causes and Preventatives- HealthifyMe

Stretch marks are a visible reminder that you have lost weight. It is ubiquitous in males and females. Stretch marks are simply the drawbacks...

80 Keep Pushing Quotes to Help You on That Last Mile Towards Your Dream

You’re tired. You’ve stumbled. Failed. Made a few mistakes. You may feel like giving in and giving up. But now is the time to hold on, to...

Best Eating Habits from 7 People Who Successfully Lost Belly Fat — Eat This Not That

Losing weight is never easy. From changing up your diet to adding in exercise, it can require making swaps and sacrifices. And one area...

Calories Do I Need to Achieve My Fitness Goal?

Many of us on our fitness journey must have heard the term BMR Calculator. However, most of us do not know the importance of...

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