85 Progress Quotes to Motivate You to Keep Moving Forward Towards Your Dreams

Making progress towards your goals and dreams is sometimes a slow trip. It can contain pitfalls, mistakes and odd detours that you hadn’t really planned...

5 Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

The best way to slim down, without missing out on the proper nutrients, is by focusing on your diet. A great addition to your...

Weight Loss With Low-Carb Diet – How Effective is it?

Weight gain and obesity have become a common problem worldwide. A sedentary lifestyle, busy schedule and readily available unhealthy/packaged processed foods have become significant...

What Science Says About the Best Foods for Losing Belly Fat — Eat This Not That

Because of diet culture and companies trying to sell their products, "belly fat loss" has been promoted in extremely unhealthy, unsustainable, and sometimes dangerous...

7 Possible Reasons Why You Attract Narcissists

You swear you’ll never do it again.  Yet, no matter how hard you try, nothing but narcissists land in your romantic lap.  So now you’re wondering:...

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