Are Hybrid Mattresses Comfortable?

Hybrid mattresses are a modern type of mattress designed to take the shape of the sleeper when they are sleeping. The construction of the mattress enables it to suit different sleeping positions and the various body types. Hybrid mattresses are comfortable because they are constructed with a softer layer at the top part,which provides the much-needed comfort.

The mattresses have been fitted with a spring on the inside meant to enable a bouncy feeling,especially if the bed has more than one occupant. The incorporated spring then minimizes the bounciness of the mattress and with the addition of the foam, motion transfer is consequently obliterated.

What Is The Anatomy Of The Hybrid Mattress?

By breaking into the anatomy of the hybrid mattress, you will get a better insight into why it performs as well as it does. You will also understand how it is constructed, and the knowledge will then help you in choosing the right hybrid mattress.

Different companies construct and retail the hybrid mattresses, we will, therefore, not focus on a particular brand, but look at the anatomy of a typical hybrid mattress.

So, beginning from the bottom, the hybrid mattress features a 2.0” higher resiliency base foam, made from mid-range polyurethane foam. And which makes the mattress highly responsive. This feature is the one that makes the hybrid mattress bouncy.

The next feature in the construction of the hybrid mattress is the 6.5” individually pocketed innerspring coil system,designed to provide resistance and also offer support when pressure is exerted.Notice that the pocket coil system are independent of each other, well their purpose is to ensure that the mattress has fewer pressure points.

On top of the coil system is a 2.0”ultra-Core HD memory foamthat makes the top part of the hybrid mattress. It is then followed by the 2.0” traditional memory foam.Lastly, the topmost layer is made of a 1” heat dissipating higher density bamboo infused foam that has been expertly quilted into the cover.

Types Of Hybrid Mattresses

Polyfoam Hybrid Mattresses

The single most important reason for investing in a polyfoam mattress is that it isolates motion exceptionally well. Polyfoam is also known to take on the shape of the sleeper’s body, a feature that makes it comfortable to sleep on. The polyfoam hybrid mattress is highly responsive to pressure and has good temperature control.

Memory Foam Hybrid Mattresses

When compared to the polyfoam hybrid mattress, the memory foam hybrid mattress is known for deep body-conforming. When used, the mattress hugs the body of the sleeper, consequently relieving pressure. In terms of motion isolation, the memory foam hybrid mattress also performs well.

Latex Hybrid Mattresses

Latex hybrid mattresses are preferred because they have been constructed with zero harmful substances. A closer look will reveal a seamless mattress with minimal chances of breaking down. The coils incorporated in the construction of the latex hybrid mattress obliterate the possibility of experiencing sags and dips when using the mattress. If you are, therefore, looking for a mattress that offers spinal alignment and edge-to-edge support then the latex hybrid is a reliable option.

What Is The Difference Between Hybrid Mattresses And Foam Mattresses?

Hybrid mattresses are made with memory foam layers and feature the traditional inner springs. Foam mattresses on the other hand, have not incorporated the spring coils in their construction.

The traditional innerspring mattresses have not been constructed with a foam layer. Hybrid mattresses, on the other hand, are made with layers of foam that help minimize motion transfer while also offering support.

Advantages of hybrid mattresses

  • Offers pain relief on the hips, back neck, and shoulders
  • They offer both balance and support
  • Hybrid mattresses are durable

Disadvantages of hybrid mattresses

  • Hybrid mattresses retail at a higher price
  • There are a lot of counterfeit hybrid mattresses because of their high demand


Hybrid mattresses are made with spring coils at their core, and a few layers of foam to help enhance comfort. Important to note is that the firmness of a hybrid mattress is largely dependent on the type of materials that have been used in its construction. Thus when shopping for one, it is important to pay attention to the materials that have been used in its construction,so that you can make a choice that will suit your sleeping style.

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