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A Simple but Effective Technique to Be More Confident

A Simple but Effective Technique to Be More Confident

Many people want to learn how to be confident in different situations, but it’s not always easy. Maybe we’re too addicted to comparing ourselves or maybe social media has brainwashed us to believe that we should all be rich, famous, and in incredible shape.

Anyway, today I’d like to share a simple yet super effective tip that skyrocketed my confidence back in time. I’m surprised why so few confidence guides talk about this, so I’ll share it here with all the awesome people like you.

The best thing is, this technique is proven, fairly easy to implement, and can bring you huge results if used properly. Alright, let’s start.

Understanding human psychology

To learn this technique, you must first understand some basics of confidence and human psychology. Confidence is basically your ability to trust yourself and your capabilities in different situations. You’ll achieve ultimate confidence when you know that you can handle a certain situation, regardless of what happens.

When you do something you’re very capable of, you’ll probably feel confident because you know that the outcome will be positive. But what if I told you that even negative outcomes could be turned into your favor?

See, whether the result of something you do is positive or negative, it’s all up to you. It’s not about whether you succeed or not. It’s about how you see and carry yourself with your capabilities. By changing your mindset and actions, you can also change how the world around you reacts to you.

The key to this technique lies in human psychology. With the right mindset and actions, you can deal with any outcome in any situation and thus be confident.

“Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result, but the cause, of fear.” – Norman Vincent Peale

How to use this technique and be confident

Let’s say you’re giving a presentation but you haven’t prepared well. This gives you insecurity because you could end up embarrassing yourself. The presentation starts well, but eventually, you forget your lines, freeze, and everybody starts laughing.

So what do you do? If you start apologizing and hating yourself in front of everybody, you’ll probably end up with even more insecurity. Instead, you can carry out yourself with dignity and respect by saying something like: “Good to see you’re having fun, these presentations are usually so boring. I should probably start forgetting more stuff to keep you hooked!”

When you do this, you signal that failing is OK, and it isn’t embarrassing at all. It was actually a good thing because everyone was having fun. This is what carrying out yourself with dignity means. Think about how confident you’d feel before the presentation if you knew that you can deal with failures that easily.

If you’ve mastered your mindset properly, you also believe that it is OK to fail and you could easily turn that negative outcome into your favor. On top of that, the other people would definitely sense your confidence and start to respect you more. 

When you start receiving the external validation, you’ll end up being even more confident. This leads to a positive spiral of confidence that will amplify itself.

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

Giving a presentation is only one example. You can carry out yourself like that in almost any negative situation! Executing this technique effectively consists of three things:

  1. Realize that failing at something or having flaws is ok and it doesn’t determine your worth. 
  2. Figure out a way to carry out yourself in a way that signals confidence and turns the situation in your favor.
  3. Remember that other people will see you as you see yourself, and let the positive results amplify your confidence.

Carrying out yourself with respect is a powerful way to deal with negative consequences. This helps you to be confident because you know that you’ll end up being fine regardless of the outcome.

Many people try to be confident by impressing others and bragging about things that they have succeeded at. And when they face failure and negative consequences, their insecurity will take control.

You’ll have to focus on yourself first. Change your own actions and mindset to serve you. You’ll need to become comfortable with your flaws, knowing that everyone has them. Accept the change that you will fail at something at some point, but it’s totally OK.

When you start with yourself and master your mindset, you’ll find out that your words and actions start to reflect it when you end up in a difficult situation. And when you know that other people will see you just as you see yourself, your confidence will skyrocket.

Again, to be confident, you must feel like you can deal with any outcome in a situation. And this technique gives you the tools to deal with negative ones. It’s as simple as understanding human psychology, becoming comfortable with a negative outcome, and carrying out yourself with self-respect and confidence.

Becoming more confident day by day

Learning this technique requires some practice, but since you’ve learned human psychology, you’re already on your way to success. So, start putting yourself out there and practicing. If it feels too intimidating, start with your mindset, and going out there becomes easier.

Think about the different situations you can use this. Somebody insults you for being too short but you turn it into a joke by saying that it’s good because you’ll fit better in your future Lamborghini. Or your flaw that comes up in a conversation but you admit it like it’s not a big deal.

In conclusion, remember that the world around you reacts to you as you react to yourself. Knowing this helps you to be confident because you can turn even the negative outcomes in your favor. When you master this technique, it’s like an invisible force field that turns the world into your oyster.

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