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A List of Affirmations to Use Right Now to Create a More Positive Life

A List of Affirmations to Use Right Now to Create a More Positive Life

Positive affirmations are statements that change your thought process positively. You can achieve anything and everything in the world if you equip with affirmations. 

Affirmations help you bring mental images, motivate and keep you focused on accomplishing your goals. They create positive vibes and help manage your time. They reinforce your inner voice. 

They help you take a step closer to your ideal mindset with a positive, right, and strong attitude. They enhance your longevity as you enjoy living for a longer time with optimism.

They keep you happy and help you lead your personal, professional, and social life successfully. They purify your thoughts and inspire you to dream and achieve big. You begin to think that everything is possible in this world. 

Research shows that we get around 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts in a day and most of them are negative. 

Hence, it is essential to convert negative thoughts into positive thoughts through affirmations. Life becomes truly great when we can think positively and contribute constructively to make a difference in the lives of others.

“You will be a failure until you impress the subconscious with the conviction you are a success. This is done by making an affirmation which ‘clicks.’” ―Florence Scovel Shinn 

Everything depends on your mind. Your thinking will create magical words that inspire and mesmerize the people around you. Here are some tips to affirm yourself positively: 

  • Appreciate yourself. Look at the positive things within yourself. In the morning, think of the good things you will do throughout the day. In the night, think of the good things you have done through the day before you sleep.
  • Use sentences such as “I can do it” or. Use the letter ‘I’ to affirm yourself. Tell yourself, “I am full of energy and that gives me joy”. Or “I forgive those who have hurt me”. These sentences bring a lot of change in your thought process and help you to calm down.
  • Use present tense in your statements to become optimistic and achieve maximum outcome. That tells you, what you said is your state of mind now. It is not a future goal or a quality of the past.
  • Surround yourself with motivational slogans. Take out five minutes to find a motivational quote of your choice every day. 
  • To apply affirmations, remove negative thoughts from your mind and replace them with positive thoughts. For example, instead of thinking “This is going to be difficult”, think rather, “There are some challenges here and it will be fun to overcome them.”
  • Prepare a few positive affirmations that suit your age, expectations, and passion. Repeat them. They will creep into your subconscious mind and convert your thought process positively. Once the messages are ingrained in your subconscious mind, your behavior will improve automatically.

Wayne Dyer remarked, “My favorite affirmation when I feel stuck or out of sorts is: Whatever I need is already here, and it is all for my highest good. Jot this down and post it conspicuously throughout your home, on the dashboard of your car, at your office, on your microwave oven, and even in front of your toilets!” Above all, look at the door that is open, not the one that is closed. 

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” ―Buddha

Change Your Mental Vocabulary

James Allen said, “All that you accomplish or fail to accomplish with your life is the direct result of your thoughts.” Whether you want to succeed or fail, it is in your hands as your thoughts will lead to actions. When your thoughts are positive, your actions will be positive. Here are some techniques to convert your thoughts into positive action: Replace “if” with “when,” “should” with “could you,” “hopefully” with “certainly” and “I hope” with “I expect.”  Do not think about what you do not have. Think about what you have. Do not say, “Have a great day!”  but say, “Make it a great day!” Never say, “Do not worry”. Always say, “Have faith”.  Swapping a few words while speaking can convert you into an exceptional achiever.  For instance, swap “but” for “and”; and “have to” for “want to,” and you will find an amazing difference in your thinking process.

Write down your affirmations in a journal and read them before you go to bed and when you wake up. Do it regularly because it helps the affirmations enter into your subconscious mind easily giving you amazing results. 

Here are some examples of affirmations you can customize and adopt: 

  1. I exercise every day and I am healthy. 
  2. I always learn and grow. 
  3. I always see the good in others and appreciate it. 
  4. I forgive people and forget unpleasant events. I am compassionate and kind at heart. 
  5. I am surrounded by healthy and positive people. 
  6. I always get what I want. 
  7. I become more and more prosperous every day. 
  8. I attract incredible opportunities to increase my earnings and better my life. 
  9. I have a continuous abundance of prosperity flowing to me. 
  10. I allow all good things to come into my life and I enjoy them.
  11. I am an abundant person. 
  12. I have a loving family. 
  13. I read great books and enjoy sharing my knowledge with the world free of charge.  
  14. I am blessed with loyal fans and followers all over the world. 
  15. I have an attitude of gratitude. 
  16. I am blessed with affectionate and reliable friends.
  17. I am happy and successful. 
  18. I have a heart to serve others. 
  19. I always add value to others and make a difference in the world.
  20. I inspire the world.  
  21. Life is great!

When you want to grow as a leader, you must create a positive and healthy thought process to build your confidence. It is essential to be equipped with positive affirmations. 

Equipping with positive affirmations would be easy when you adopt the outlined techniques. Follow the tips, tools, and techniques to acquire, equip and apply positive affirmations that would help you reach your goal. 

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