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99 Best Responses To A Compliment From A Guy

99 Best Responses To A Compliment From A Guy

There you are, minding your own business, and some rando pays you a compliment.

Or maybe it’s someone you know.  

And whether it’s sweet, strange, or just gross, you want to know what to say that will either encourage the guy or send him packing. 

We’ve rounded up some winners, from cute replies to compliments that you like to effective responses to offer someone who sets off alarms in your head. 

 We’re covering all the bases. 

What to Say When a Guy Compliments You 

When a guy pays you a compliment, you want your reply to be just as encouraging as you mean it to be—no giving mixed signals and no wasting anyone’s time. 

You might be at a loss for what to say when a guy compliments your body. But if the interest is mutual, you can always start with a smile and a simple thank you. From there, depending on how it goes, you might even use some of the flirtier responses listed below.

On the other hand, if the guy gives you a bad feeling, it’s probably best to reply with more firmness and less encouragement—and zero ambiguity. 

If your first thought when you look at a guy is “Run!” go with it. 

How to Respond to a Compliment From a Guy 

The right way to respond depends primarily on whether you like the compliment—and whether you have any romantic interest in the guy who’s giving it. 

how to respond a compliment from a guy

How you respond, then, will probably fall into one of the following categories: 

  • Ignore the compliment — if it’s unwanted or crass. 
  • Walk away — same as above but with body language to back it up. 
  • Give him a discouraging (verbal) response — firm and a bit less than polite.
  • Demure and defuse — polite but not encouraging. 
  • Smile and thank him — a bit more than polite but with some reserve 
  • Pay him a compliment in return — less reserved and more friendly
  • Take the flirting up a notch — less reserved and more playful and encouraging

However you choose to respond, remember the following: 

  • Make eye contact. Look them in the eye when you acknowledge their compliment. 
  • Answer with clarity and directness. Speak loudly and clearly enough to be heard. 
  • Own your attractiveness. No false humility. If you don’t feel confident, fake it. 

99 Perfect Responses When He Compliments You 

When a guy compliments you, it’s good to have some idea of how to respond. And the best response will depend on whether or not the compliment is both welcome and genuine. If it’s neither, we’ve got some ideas for that, too. 

How to Respond to Welcome Compliments (in Person)

1. Thank you. You’re very observant. 

2. It’s hard to get that kind of honesty. 

3. Getting warmer. Keep talking. 

4. Thank you. I humbly accept your compliment. 

5. Are you flirting with me?

6. Sorry, could you repeat that—extra loudly this time?

7. Thank you, I agree. But I like the way you say it. 

8. [Lifting your glass] Great minds! 

9. You’re so right! Okay, my turn.

10. I left my humility at home, so I’m just gonna say, “You’re right and keep going.”

11. Points for being right and not being gross about it. 

12. Directness, honesty, and impeccable taste. Way to stand out. 

13. True. Now tell me something my parents wouldn’t say. (This one only works when it wouldn’t sound creepy coming from your mom or dad.) 

14. Ooh, you’re good at this. Keep going. 

15. I’m listening. This is my listening face. 

16. I bet you get tired of people telling you that you have great taste. But I’ll say it anyway. 

17. All true. So, tell me something about yourself (so I can catch up). 

18. Weirdly accurate. Have we met?

19. Right? Same page. 

20. You, sir, have a discerning eye. 

21. Well put. I like the way you use words. 

22. Nice. You’re making it hard for me to tell you to get lost. 

23. If you’re trying to tell me what I want to hear… keep talking. 

24. Really? I was debating on whether I should pair this face with these shoes. Glad you approve. 

how to respond a compliment from a guy

25. Look who’s talking. Oh, and… keep talking. 

26. If you’re fishing for compliments, you’re in the right place. 

27. And here I thought the genie only granted me one of my wishes. 

28. Wow. I thought I needed coffee to wake me up, but… that did the trick. 

29. If you didn’t look the way you do, I would totally have a clever comeback for that. 

30. Nice. Now say it in a different language. (Everyone should be multilingual, if possible.)

31. I know. Points, though, for saying just enough to get me curious. 

32. Finally! Someone as socially awkward as I am. 

33. I see you went with my favorite compliment. 

34. How did you know I needed to hear that? 

35. Thanks. That’s nice to hear. 

36. [Wave and smile — politely or with more interest]

37. Awww! I didn’t hate that. 

38. That’s me—all-natural, no preservatives, and just spicy enough to keep things interesting. 

39. Did someone tell you what to say, or are you just that good?

40. Oh, stop. And by that, I mean, stop holding back. 

41. Okay, I’m gonna be honest with you. You and me… this could work. 

42. Thank you. [Introduce yourself and invite them to sit with you.]

43. Thanks. Nice to know all the effort I put into this look is paying off. 

44. I never get tired of hearing that—especially from you. [Best when used with a guy you know and trust]

45. Wow, okay. Maybe I’ll stay a little longer. 

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How to Respond to a Compliment Text (from a Guy You Know)

46. Accurate. Please continue. 

47. You know me so well. 

48. You’re making it very hard for me to be humble. 

49. It’s a good thing you’re not a perv. I’m also the tiniest bit sad about that. 

50. You have a way of getting right to the point. I admire that. 

51. You know just what to say. Never take that power for granted. 

52. I can picture your smile with this text. And now, I have to sit down. 

53. Thank you! You’ve made my day. 

54. I see your compliment and raise you a hug. 

55. What can I say? You get me. 

56. You’re a man of few words. But you sure do make them count. 

57. Ugh! I get so tired of people proving me right. But I don’t mind when it’s you. 

58. So I’ve been told (by you–many times). And I’ll never get tired of it. 

59. You’re speaking my language. When did you get so good at that?

60. You are the medicine I needed today. 

61. I couldn’t have said it better. 

62. When you’re right, you’re right. 

63. You’re the only one who knows how rough it can be to look this good. 

64. I love your honesty. 

65. You, me, coffee, when?

66. Well, this day just got better. How are you so good at that?

how to respond a compliment from a guy

67. Thanks. I needed to hear that (especially from you). 

68. Get out of my head! (Actually, don’t. It’s better when you’re there.)

69. Were you just reading my mind? You know that’s not allowed. 

70. Thank you! That means a lot coming from you. 

71. I’m glad you can’t see my face when I get a text from you. It’s embarrassing. 

72. You do compliments better than anyone I know. Freak! 

73. No one should be this good at knowing what I needed to hear. 

74. And there you go again…making me wish you were here. 

75. Oh, it’s you. Good! 😉 

76. Hello, favorite person. You’re right on time. 

77. The feel-good brain chemicals are at it again. All it took was a text from you. Sorcery! 

How to Respond to a Flirty Compliment You Don’t Want

78. (Brief) unsmiling eye contact with no reply

79. Wrong tree. Bye. 

80. Hey, thanks. I’ll tell my boyfriend/husband how lucky he is when he gets back. 

81. No, thanks. [Raise hand briefly in a “Stop” gesture]

82. Noted. [Then turn or look away.]

83. You’re not wrong. But you are too late. [Show the ring finger or point to your S.O.]

84. Pointing out the obvious is not a winning strategy—at least…not for you. 

85. Oh, honey, no. Save yourself (for someone else). 

86. Gross. And no. 

87. Oof. Try again. But with someone else. 

88. Yeah, no. Goodbye. 

89. Dude, you’re ice cold. Kee-e-e-e-p walking. 

90. Keep going and keep trying. I believe in you. But, seriously, keep going. 

91. Take a number and wait in line. Or don’t. 

92. Sure, okay. Have a good one. 

93. I get why you might think I’m lonely, but I’m not. Have a nice day. 

94. Not a good time. I’m out. 

95. I’m not here for that, but thanks. 

96. [Wince as if in pain] Wow. No, thanks. 

97. Thanks for being honest about what you’re after. Not interested. 

98. Sorry, this one’s closed. Better luck with someone else. 

99. Thanks. It’s amazing what a pulse and a low-cut top can do for a gal. 

Now that you’ve read through all 99 responses to compliments from a guy, which ones stood out for you? And which do you think you’re most likely to use? 

How to respond a compliment from a guy? Read this post and learn a variety of responses and examples for any situation you are in.

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