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8 Tips For Planning A Winter Wedding During COVID-19

8 Tips For Planning A Winter Wedding During COVID-19

Socializing outside is a safe way to see your loved ones without contracting COVID-19, but that isn’t easy to do in the winter. Brides have an especially frustrating challenge if they want to host their ceremony during snowy months. This guide explains eight tips for planning a winter wedding during COVID-19 so you don’t have to worry about everyone’s safety while coordinating the wedding of your dreams.

1. Check Local Requirements Weekly

As variants emerge, city and state governments will adapt their rules regarding large gatherings. Keep up-to-date with the requirements that affect your venue’s location. Check the city’s website or social media accounts to find the latest information that could affect your wedding. If anything changes, you’ll know how many guests are allowed to gather indoors and whether you need to worry about postponing your ceremony.

2. Minimize Your Guest List

Weddings are traditionally large events, but you don’t have to invite everyone you’ve ever known. Creating a small guest list minimizes the risk of making your ceremony into a hotspot event. Add the people within your inner circle to your list and avoid inviting people like co-workers or long-lost friends you don’t get along with.

3. Find A Fire Pit

If people can keep warm outside, they can get fresh air at your wedding and reduce potential virus exposure indoors. Compare rental fire pits, patio heaters, or warming stations and set them up around your venue to invest in everyone’s safety.

4. Remember Your Self-Care Routine

Worrying about the state of the world can distract people from habits that support their well-being, especially when they’re also planning a wedding. Take care of yourself to nourish your physical and mental health.

Consider adding helpful habits to your daily routine like hydrating lotions, a vitamin regimen and an exercise plan. You can start any time, but starting these habits a few months to a year before your wedding will help you look and feel your best long before walking down the aisle.

5. Request Disposable Drinkware

People often set their drinks aside at weddings to have fun on the dance floor. Other people might pick up their identical glasses and accidentally share drinks without realizing it. Ask your bartender to use disposable drinkware to avoid this problem. You’ll get your custom cocktails and guests can label their cups with markers.

6. Provide Matching Masks

COVID-19 has a much more difficult time infecting people who wear masks in group settings. Provide matching masks for your guests to wear during your ceremony and reception. They can color-coordinate with other favors like gloves or blankets and double as reusable gifts for your guests after they go back home.

7. Point Out Testing Centers

Even with all of these precautions, your guests might still feel nervous gathering for a big event. When creating your invitations or wedding date reminder cards, include information about testing centers near your venue. Everyone can get a rapid test on the morning of your wedding and rest assured that no one got positive results before coming to your ceremony.

8. Establish A Virtual Link

In addition to inviting guests for in-person attendance, stream your wedding with video conferencing software or websites designed for live events. Anyone who can’t make it due to illness or inclement winter weather can still be part of your big day without putting themselves or others at risk.

Planning Your Winter Wedding During COVID-19

The pandemic complicates many traditional events, but it doesn’t have to make wedding planning feel impossible. Use these eight tips for planning a wedding during COVID-19 to keep everyone safe and healthy. Taking care of your physical wellness, providing masks, and even establishing outdoor warming stations are just a few ways to make everyone comfortable during your big day.

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