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75 Shifting Affirmations To Reach Your Desired Reality

75 Shifting Affirmations To Reach Your Desired Reality

The thoughts and beliefs you hold about yourself form your perception of the world and your place in it.

Repetitive negative thoughts cultivate limiting beliefs and prevent you from living your best life.

Luckily, the opposite is also true.

You have the power to create whatever reality you desire.

If you’re dissatisfied or want something different or better for yourself and your life, know that you absolutely can achieve it–as long as you believe in it.

What Are Affirmations for Shifting? 

In broad terms, shifting describes the change from one reality to another. It’s moving from your current situation or life experience to your desired state–whatever that looks like for you. 

You can be the person you want to be and live the life you want to live. But YOU are your greatest limitation. Or rather, your thought patterns are. 

That may sound devastating, but it’s great news because it’s relatively simple to change your thought patterns. You can create a reality you love–one in which you are confident, motivated, successful, wealthy, healthy, happy, loving, grateful, or whatever else your heart desires. 

Use shifting affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind to replace negative thoughts that hold you back.

A more positive mindset allows you to focus on more positive things in life, making you a happier person and motivating you to take action. 

It helps you make positive changes to become who you want to become and achieve what you desire.

How to Use Positive Affirmations for Shifting 

You can use positive affirmations for shifting realities whenever, wherever, and in whatever method you prefer – as long believe they are or can be true. 

  • Recite them aloud or silently. 
  • Use them as soon as you wake up, throughout the day, before you go to bed, during sleep, while completing other tasks, or any combination of these. Whatever works best for you is best.
  • State your affirmations in the present tense as if something is happening or the past tense as if it is already true. 
  • Avoid focusing on achieving something tomorrow or in the future, as that day never comes. 

Here are a few pointers to enhance your success in using affirmations:

  • Make it meaningful. Your affirmations have to be personal. Choose affirmations that resonate with you and carry meaning.
  • Make it positive. It’s best to focus on what you want rather than want you don’t want. Statements like “I am happy” are better than “I’m not sad.”
  • It has to be believable for you. Flat out lying to yourself when you don’t in any way believe you are capable or worthy of your statements only makes you feel worse. Instead of affirming “I love myself unconditionally” when you are riddled with low self-esteem, try “I am learning to love myself more each day.” 
  • Clarity is key. Be clear and specific about your desires. After all, if you aren’t sure about what you want, how can you expect yourself to go after it? How do you know what you’re going after?
  • Engage your emotions. Visualize your affirmations and use as many senses as possible. Imagine yourself in your desired reality. What do you see and hear? Who is there? How do you feel? Truly immerse yourself in the thought and experience.
  • Stay consistent and be persistent. As with most things in life, you have to keep at it and remain patient. Do it every single day, even if you’re busy or don’t feel like it. And let go of any timelines for when you think it should happen. There’s no right or wrong amount of time it takes to achieve something. Focus instead on your progress and trust the process.

75 Shifting Affirmations to Reach Your Desired Reality 

Check out the list below for good affirmations for shifting. Pick a few that stand out to you or tweak them to create your own.

1. I am worthy of an amazing, happy life that I love.

2. I am capable of doing and creating amazing things in my life.

3. I release all negative thoughts and allow myself to live peacefully and positively.

shifting affirmations

4. I am in control of my thoughts and use them to create my desired reality.

5. I am able to easily and naturally shift my reality. 

6. I believe in myself and my ability to succeed in life.

7. I am powerful and capable of creating my desired reality.

8. I have the ability to create the life I want to live.

9. I am capable of making positive changes to feel energetic and happy.

10. I am in charge of my life, and I choose positivity and gratitude.

11. I choose to focus on the positive things in my life.

12. I am the creator of my life, and I easily create a life I love.

13. I welcome abundance, positivity, and grace into my life.

14. I choose to see beauty everywhere and in everything and everyone.

15. I believe I am destined for love, respect, and greatness.

16. I am worthy of becoming the person I want to be.

17. I am naturally full of peace, gratitude, and great strength.

18. I am gracious, loving, and kind in all aspects of my life.

19. I embrace my greatness, and I love myself completely and unconditionally.

20. I attract peace, love, happiness, and abundance into my life.

21. I always choose happiness, and happiness always chooses me.

22. I am capable of easily and effortlessly shifting to my desired reality.

23. I am focused and dedicated to creating my best possible reality.

24. I allow positive changes in my life to bring me peace and joy.

25. I am full of potential and capable of achieving success. 

26. Everything I need to live my best life is within me.

27. I am confident in my ability to make positive changes in my life.

28. I open my heart and mind to all the good things life has to offer.

29. I trst my intuition to guide me and protect me.

30. I am on the right path to my best life.

31. I am living the beautiful life I want to live.

32. I am surrounded by peace, love, and happiness every day. 

33. I am whole and more than capable of living the life I want to live.

34. I am capable of successfully and positively changing my life 

35. am strong. I am brave. I am powerful. I am courageous.

36. I am confident and powerful, and I always get what I want.

37. I am focused on creating a beautiful, joyful, loving life.

38. I feel motivated to change my life for the better. 

39. I know what I want and how to get it.

40. I am surrounded by everything I want and need in life.

41. I choose optimism. I choose gratitude. I choose joy. I choose love.

42. I am confident in my ability to live my best life.

43. I have everything I want and need and am living my best life.

44. I am living my ideal life, and I love it. 

45. I easily overcome obstacles to living the life I love.

46. I am worthy of positive changes that bring me happiness.

47. I am open and ready to create the life I want to live.

48. I am powerful, fearless, and limitless, and I empower myself to greatness.

49. I am grateful for my amazing life, and I embrace all the good yet to come.

50. I love and support myself unconditionally and am worthy of receiving unconditional love and support.

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51. I allow myself to learn and grow every day in every way.

52. I easily and effortlessly achieve success and happiness every day.

53. I am proud of who I am and who I am becoming.

54. I love and respect myself at all times, around all people.

55. I am worthy of joy, appreciation, affection, and unconditional love.

56. I am calm. I am relaxed. I am at peace.

57. I have all the strength and confidence I need to be successful.

58. I release all feelings of self-doubt and embrace my unique greatness.

59. I believe I am capable of reaching any goal I set for myself.

60. I control my emotions and choose to feel joy and gratitude.

61. I feel secure, protected, and at peace today and every day.

62. I am focusing on all the positive parts of my life.

63. I am strong and amazing and worthy of great things.

64. The power is in my hands, and I choose positivity and confidence.

65. I let go of any timelines and allow things to unfold naturally.

shifting affirmations

66. I am capable of achieving anything and everything I want in life.

67. I am stronger than any obstacle I face on my way to success.

68. I have an incredible life and feel good about my choices.

69. I am open and committed to creating my best life.

70. I feel whole and empowered to create the life I want to live.

71. I choose to make positive changes that bring me joy.

72. I have legitimate talents and am capable of achieving everything I desire.

73. I choose to accept and love myself deeply and completely.

74. I recognize and act on opportunities that help me achieve the life I want to live.

75. I forgive myself for mistakes I’ve made, and I forgive those I feel have wronged me. I am resilient.

The bottom line is that you have much of the power needed within your mind to create the life you want to live. You can be who you want to be, do what you want to do, and have most of what you want. 

Use affirmations to improve your mindset and motivate yourself to act on your goals.

Let go of any timelines for when you think you should be there and believe in your unique ability to make things happen for yourself in the right time.

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