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7 Ways To Radiate More Feminine Energy

7 Ways To Radiate More Feminine Energy

Have you lost touch with your feminine power?

What comes to mind when you read the words “feminine energy”?

Is that even a thing? 

Whatever your beliefs regarding gender identity and how it develops and manifests, knowing key feminine energy characteristics can help you make sense of who you are and what makes you feel most authentically you. 

Honor your feminine energy, and it can bring back something you’ve lost — or forgotten. 

What Is Feminine Energy? 

Being feminine isn’t about having makeovers and playing with dolls, though both can be part of how you explore and express your own feminine energy.

One person’s feminine energy may manifest very differently from another’s. 

Both are valid. And they’re not as different as they might seem. Being feminine is about exploring and honoring the traits that make holistic feminism so powerful. 

Let’s start by identifying those feminine energy traits. Then we’ll dive into the best ways to bring them out of hiding. 

How To Tap Into Your Feminine Energy 

Femininity doesn’t look the same for everyone, which is why the only authentic feminism is a holistic one that embraces a diversity of backgrounds, identities, and perspectives. 

Let’s start with some examples of feminine energy traits. What comes to mind when you read each one? 

  • Soft or Gentle
  • Empathetic
  • Flowing 
  • Nurturing 
  • Warm 
  • Vulnerable 
  • Receptive 

How do these traits compare to those you’ve cultivated over the years, either because someone you admire modeled them for you or because you felt you had to be that way?

Or maybe the word “feminine” feels alien to you, possibly because you’ve received the message that it’s somehow “less than” being masculine. 

feminine energy traits

Whatever your background, if you identify as a woman or as the more feminine presence in a relationship, you’ll want to explore the power of sexual polarity.

How can you dial your feminine energy up or down to meet the needs of the moment? 

7 Tips to Radiate More Feminine Energy

Read through the following tips carefully and think about how you can implement each one. Make a note of the points and ideas that resonate with you. 

1. Dance. 

Femininity is about flow, and movement is what allows the expression of that flow. Try looking into different dance styles to see which ones appeal to you. 

You can dance along with an online video or take a local class to learn some new moves and tone up your dancer’s body.

Do this alone or with a friend–or with your partner. What’s important is that you allow yourself to let loose and enjoy it. 

Note: There is no such thing as a single ideal look for a dancer; your dancer’s body shape is your own.

And rather than spend an obscene amount on designer spandex dancewear, find something that flows with you and lets your body breathe. 

2. Create. 

Get creative and build something. Think about creative work you enjoy, whether that’s writing, knitting or crocheting, needlework, painting, or something totally different. The main thing is that you’re creating something. 

Make time in your daily or weekly schedule to create something that puts a smile on your face—maybe a new scarf using a butter-soft novelty yarn in your favorite colors. 

Make something for yourself and enjoy wearing it. Or create something you’ll enjoy sharing with others as gifts. 

3. Recreate. 

Give yourself the time and space you need just to enjoy the present moment. 

This time could be a day devoted to self-care or a day you set aside for exploring your neighborhood or going on a picnic hike. Just remember to savor it. 

A mindfulness practice helps you make the most of your time in nature—alone or with a favorite person. Anything you do mindfully, you’re more likely to enjoy and remember—with or without the selfies. 

4. Connect. 

Connecting with other people is one way to invoke your feminine instinct for nurturing others and building mutually supportive relationships. 

feminine energy traits

For some, a deep emotional connection is necessary to feel sexual attraction; when the former is missing, the latter is, too. That said, an emotional connection can only go so far; sexual polarity also plays a role. 

It’s also vital that you make time to connect with your body, which leads us to the next topic. 

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5. Nurture. 

Indulge your senses and spend some time putting your physical and mental, emotional, and spiritual needs front and center. When you’re running on empty, it’s much harder to empathize with others or be fully present for them. 

And forget about being vulnerable; if you feel like an exposed nerve, the last thing you want is to leave yourself open to an attack. 

If you’re used to being the one who sets aside her own needs to meet someone else’s, the idea of being “made to nurture” might leave a bad taste. Once you decide you have as much right to that as anyone else, you’re better able to nurture others, too. 

6. Accessorize 

Accessorizing isn’t as petty or frivolous as it might sound. Something as simple as a colorful scarf or earrings that sparkle or a skirt that swishes when you walk can make you feel more like the person you are and want to be. 

Who cares if you’re the only one you know who would wear striped tights or dangly TARDIS earrings in public? Wearing what you like( and what makes you feel like you) is more badass than any tailored power suit (unless that’s your thing). 

If it makes you smile, make room for it. 

7. Receive. 

Being receptive is not the same thing as being passive, much less inert.  Think of how you feel when you’ve put time and creative energy into a gift or surprise for someone you love, and they refuse to accept it. 

Compare that to how you feel when your intended recipient accepts it with genuine, heartfelt gratitude. We’re not saying you should only give things to those whose reactions make you feel good; this is just to prove a point: Receiving is powerful. 

That said, being the receiver also makes you more vulnerable. And if you’ve gotten used to thinking, “I can’t afford to be expensive,” it takes more of an effort to allow yourself to receive. 

7 ways to radiate feminine energy

Signs of Blocked Feminine Energy 

If your feminine energy is blocked, don’t worry. Following the steps listed above can remove those blocks and set you free. 

The best way to identify those blocks is to look at yourself and see if you identify more masculine energy signs than feminine ones. Think of the words you might use to describe yourself and ask if any of the following make the list: 

  • Driven
  • Goal-oriented 
  • Logical
  • Laser-focused
  • Structured 
  • Aggressive
  • Giving 
  • Protective
  • Hyper-productive or Busy

None of these are inherently bad or good, but you can take each to an unhealthy extreme. And when you’re trying to be more like a man to fit in or get ahead, you’re more likely to overdo it. 

The good news? It’s not too late to dial up the feminine energy and reclaim your power. 


Now that you’ve looked through all seven tips for unleashing the feminine energy, which ones stood out for you? And what will you do differently today? 

Are you in touch with your feminine power? In this post, you'll learn different ways to radiate your feminine energy traits.

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