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7 Things To Consider When Building Your Greenhouse

7 Things To Consider When Building Your Greenhouse

If you’re a devoted gardener, the allure of owning a greenhouse is undeniable. Imagine the joy of extending your gardening endeavors beyond the usual season constraints. Picture starting your planting journey well before the last frost departs or having a dedicated haven for nurturing plants, potting containers, and cultivating floral displays. A greenhouse offers precisely these possibilities. It’s a haven for gardening enthusiasts, nestled right in your backyard. Not only does it shield fragile plants from frost, but it also conjures a pocket of perpetual summer just when it’s needed most.

However, the cost factor can be daunting when considering retail greenhouse structures. Fret not, for where there’s a challenge, there exists a do-it-yourself solution. Enter the realm of DIY greenhouse projects, where ingenuity and resourcefulness reign supreme. These projects unveil a world of opportunity, allowing you to craft your very own horticultural oasis without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re repurposing materials or embracing innovative designs, the DIY route empowers you to actualize your greenhouse dreams while keeping your finances in check. So, embark on this fulfilling journey and witness how your hands-on efforts flourish into a personalized greenhouse haven, tailored to your gardening aspirations.

Is DIY Greenhouse Worth The Time & Effort?

Constructing your DIY greenhouse offers a multitude of compelling reasons, extending beyond the evident advantages we’ve already touched upon, such as prolonging your gardening season and carving out a dedicated workspace for your green thumb pursuits. A noteworthy incentive is the economic aspect. Opting for a do-it-yourself approach invariably translates to cost savings. Crafting your greenhouse will consistently prove more budget-friendly than purchasing a pre-made one from online retailers. While we do present reasonable greenhouse kit options later in this article, the DIY path remains the champion of affordability.

Yet, the allure of DIY greenhouses stretches beyond financial considerations. The most remarkable advantage lies in the absolute freedom to fashion a greenhouse that aligns impeccably with your specific needs and desires. Picture tailoring a greenhouse to accommodate elevated garden beds, or taking it up a notch with the inclusion of a potting station, a vegetable cleansing area, and even smart garden tool storage solutions. The canvas is yours to paint – design a haven that resonates with your gardening aspirations.

Alternatively, as you peruse this guide, you might find yourself inclined towards safeguarding select plants or specific beds from the whims of weather. Fear not, for we offer solutions tailored precisely to such needs. By embarking on the DIY greenhouse journey, you unlock the realm of customization, allowing you to curate a protective haven that perfectly complements your garden’s unique requirements

Still in doubt? Alright, let’s break it down for all you enthusiastic gardeners out there who might not be seasoned builders. Building your greenhouse might sound a bit intimidating, but fear not – I’ve got you covered with seven key things to consider that will make this DIY adventure a breeze, even if you’re starting from scratch with no building skills whatsoever.

1. Location Is Important 

First things first, where are you gonna put this baby? Choose a spot that gets ample sunlight throughout the day. It’s like finding a sunny spot at the beach – your plants need their vitamin D too! Plus, make sure it’s not a low-lying area that could flood when it rains. You want your plants to be happy, not soggy.

2. Size Matters

Greenhouses come in all shapes and sizes. Think about how much space you need. Are you nurturing a few potted plants or going all out with rows of veggies? Plan accordingly, so you don’t end up with a cramped jungle or a greenhouse that feels as empty as a ghost town. Although a small greenhouse is the right way forward, in futuristic terms it may not suit your garden if you need to expand. So decide initially what size you would like to go with.

3. Materials Magic

Now, you might not be a master builder, but choosing the right materials can make this a walk in the park. Look for greenhouse kits that come with easy-to-follow instructions and snap-together parts. Polycarbonate panels are lightweight and practically indestructible – perfect for DIY novices. Search online and check a few videos before starting on this project.

4. Foundation Fundamentals

Don’t underestimate the power of a solid foundation. Just like your plants need good soil, your greenhouse needs a stable base. A wooden frame or a simple concrete foundation can do the trick. Think of it as giving your greenhouse a solid pair of shoes to stand on. If your area is prone to high winds, then consider deeper trenches for building the base.

5. Ventilation Vacation

Your plants can’t thrive without fresh air, and neither can your greenhouse. Make sure you incorporate some vents or windows to let the breeze in. You don’t want your plants to feel like they’re stuck in a sauna, do you? It is necessary to let out the gasses from time to time for the sustenance of the plants.

6. Heating Hacks

If you’re planning to extend your growing season into chilly months, consider a little heating action. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a furnace expert. Electric or gas heaters can keep your plants cozy when the weather gets frosty. You can even go for a humidifier if you are living in an extremely cold place.

7. Budget Brilliance

Last but not least, keep an eye on your budget. DIY doesn’t have to mean draining your wallet. Look for cost-effective options like repurposed materials or even salvaged windows for that vintage touch. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve without breaking the bank.


Make building a greenhouse in your garden a family fun project where your family and even a few friends can come over on weekends and pitch in creating a space where you can hang out with them. It can be an extension of a patio or even a sunroom that will open out into the backyard garden or even a swimming pool where all the fun happens.

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