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65 Sleep Affirmations for a Restful Night and Better Tomorrow

65 Sleep Affirmations for a Restful Night and Better Tomorrow

Getting to bed at a decent time each night and waking up with a positive mindset may seem nearly impossible if you feel busy, stressed, and overwhelmed most evenings. 

Using nighttime affirmations before you head to bed can provide peace of mind while allowing you to drift off to sleep with a positive outlook ahead.

Are they worth a try for you, and will they make a difference in your sleep quality?

Read on to find out.

What Are Affirmations for Sleep?

Bedtime affirmations are positive thoughts and phrases reaffirming a healthy and happy outlook. They are useful to reduce anxiety before bed while allowing you to clear your mind before starting a new day. 

Nighttime affirmations include self-assuring thoughts that reduce negativity and worries from your mind right before you begin sleeping and dreaming.

You can use them to enhance the quality of your sleep and prepare your mindset for the next day.

Do Positive Affirmations Work While Sleeping?

Uplifting affirmations, optimistic thinking, and mindfulness techniques have positively affected the brain. 

The success behind nighttime affirmations is that the brain’s dream cycle plays a major role in how we feel upon waking each day. 

Those who go to bed anxious while experiencing nightmares are more likely to feel negative and anxious once they wake. 

If you listen to recorded affirmations as you fall asleep and during the night while sleeping, you train your subconscious mind to accept and act on the positive ideas you’re feeding your brain.

The Benefits of Using Sleep Affirmations

You can implement a hopeful and optimistic dream and waking experience by falling asleep using positive affirmations.

Some ways positive affirmations help when going to bed include:

  • Turns your focus on positive, uplifting thoughts
  • Minimizes feelings of worry and anxiety
  • Eliminates negative thoughts before sleeping/dreaming
  • Improves the ability to fall asleep faster
  • Reprograms your subconscious mind to think more positively during the day
  • Improves feelings of confidence and self-esteem

65 Sleep Affirmations for Restorative Sleep and a Better Tomorrow

If you are having difficulties getting enough sleep each night or if you find yourself overthinking, which stops you from falling asleep, consider using the following sleep affirmations for restorative sleep and a better tomorrow. 

Positive Sleep Affirmations

1. The day is complete. With each breath I take, I become more relaxed and ready to sleep for the night. 

2. Today, I am at peace with the universe. I allow myself to head to bed uninterrupted and with complete calmness. 

3. Tonight, my eyes are closing without effort. I will sleep restfully through the night. 

4. I am grateful for my body, mind, and soul. I permit the universe to provide me with restful sleep tonight.

5. I am thankful for what the day has brought me today. I am looking forward to a brand-new day tomorrow.

6. I am grateful for all that I have accomplished today. I am excited to give tomorrow my all again.

7.  With each breath I inhale before bed, I am more at peace with myself.

8. I accept who I am and where I am in life. I look forward to waking up tomorrow. 

9. Today is gone. I release it to the universe and give myself permission to get a night of restful sleep.

10. In my bed, I am safe and in my sanctuary. I allow myself to rest tonight.

11. My body and mind are both ready to rest for the evening. It is time to relax and allow myself to sleep.

12. Today, I did my very best. I allow myself the sleep I need to feel rested and recharged for tomorrow.

13. Choosing peace and rest over stress and worry is my priority tonight as I lay down to sleep.

14. I am grateful for my health, my mind, and my body. I appreciate all that I have in life and am excited about waking up another day.

15. Tonight, my mind is full. I allow myself restful sleep, so I am ready to take on tomorrow. 

Sleep Affirmations for Self Love

16. I allow myself to heal through sleep.

17. My body deserves to rest and sleep to restore and heal itself.

18. I am worthy of all that I have done today. I will allow myself to rest and start anew tomorrow.

19. Tomorrow is a new day. Today is now the past and is behind me. I allow myself to rest peacefully tonight. 

20. I love myself and who I have worked so hard to become. I will allow myself the sleep I deserve tonight. 

21. I welcome a gentle, loving, accepting night of sleep. 

22. I deserve all of the love and peace I desire in life. I allow myself to accept these things as I drift off to sleep. 

23. I am worthy of love and restful sleep.

24. I love myself enough to ensure I get enough sleep each night. I deserve love, care, and plenty of good rest.

25. I love everything about me and who I am becoming. I accept where I am on my journey at this very time in my life.

26. It is important to remind myself that I am enough. I am enough.

27. I welcome love and positivity as I drift off to sleep tonight.

28. It is so important that I take time to appreciate who I am and how hard I am working to improve myself.

29. I accept where I am in my journey in life and allow myself the rest I deserve.

30. Tonight, I accept every flaw in myself. I am whole. I love who I am and who I am becoming. 

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Sleep Affirmations for Anxiety

31. There is no need to hold on to today. What is done is done. Tomorrow is a brand new day.

32. I allow myself to let go of my anxieties and fears. I permit myself to sleep free of my worries. 

33. The anxiety problem in my life has no power or control over me. As I go to bed tonight, my mind is free and open to positive thoughts. 

34. With each breath I take, I let go of my anxiety and fear. I inhale positivity, optimism, focus, and peace with every moment. 

35. I do not allow external forces to control my thoughts, actions, or reactions. 

36. My mind is at peace and clear of anxiety. My heart is full and overflowing with love and positive energy. 

37. I allow myself to breathe calmly and deeply. I feel the air enter and exit my lungs completely peacefully. 

38. Anxiety does not control me. I am in control of the direction of my thoughts. 

39. I am safe and free from negative thoughts. My sleep will be comfortable, restful, and pleasant. 

40. I allow myself to break from the chains of anxiety and depression. My anxiety does not rule me. I am the master of my thoughts. 

41. I am worthy of sleeping free from anxiety and stressors. Sleeping will be a positive and joyful experience for me tonight. 

42. My mind is clear, and today’s tasks are done, allowing me to sleep comfortably and peacefully. 

43. I choose to think positively and to rid negative thoughts from my mind. I deserve to think happy thoughts. 

44. I love who I am and am right where I am supposed to be on my journey.

45. I choose to stop dwelling on the past and my anxiety and instead focus on the now. 

Sleep Affirmations for Success

46. I am worthy of the success I desire and strive for each day.

47. I permit myself restful sleep to prepare for a productive day tomorrow.

48. I am grateful for my current position, skills, and abilities.

49. I am blessed to have the position and skills that I have. 

50. My career is a blessing, and I choose to be grateful.

51. I look towards challenges and obstacles as exciting rather than scary or daunting.

52. I deserve restful sleep so I can be as productive as possible for tomorrow.

53. My body and mind deserve the best when it comes to diet, exercise, and sleep.

54. Today I am grateful for all that I have accomplished. I hope to have the same opportunities to be productive tomorrow.

55. I am blessed with my opportunities and my own personal skills. I will use them to the best of my ability. 

56. I choose to appreciate all of the blessings in my life rather than focus on the stressors.

57. Tomorrow will be a great day filled with productivity and positivity.

58. Each day I wake up is a new day for exciting opportunities.

59. Every morning I wake up is truly a blessing. 

60. Tomorrow, I will give it my all after getting a great night’s sleep. 

How to Use These Bedtime Affirmations

You can use these affirmations for your sleep and waking goals in several ways. These ideas will help you craft the correct affirmation practice to meet your needs. 

  • Determine what your goals are. What do you want to achieve by using these affirmations? To fall asleep more quickly? To let go of worries before bed? Or to prepare yourself for the next day? Get clear on what you want so you can use or craft the best affirmations to use.
  • Prepare your sleep environment. No matter your goals with sleep affirmations, you need the best sleep environment to set yourself up for success. Turn off your digital devices. Make your bedroom comfortably cool and as dark as possible. Be sure you avoid alcohol, large meals, and caffeine close to bedtime. 
  • Choose or create your affirmations. You can use any of the affirmations we’ve shared in our list. Or you can use them as idea starters to help you write your own. If you have a specific goal we haven’t addressed, write yours from scratch using positive phrases written in the present tense.
  • Decide if you want to speak or listen to the affirmations. Choose one affirmation that you speak several times quietly before bed and to yourself as you fall asleep. Or you could record one or a few affirmations and put them on a repeating loop to listen to throughout the night. Be sure you listen with ear pods and turn the volume low, so they reach your subconscious but don’t keep you awake.

Final Thoughts

Taking time to prepare for bedtime with a few positive affirmations can help to put you in the right mindset for any challenge you face ahead of you.

From dealing with anxiety to struggling with insomnia, sleep affirmations can be an excellent tool whenever you’re genuinely in need.

One key to have a good night's sleep and waking up feeling better is by using affirmations. Here are different sleep affirmations you can start with.

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