57 Mantras for Abundance to Attract More of What You Want 

Are you done struggling with money – or having a conflicted relationship with money? 

Maybe you long for the freedom to create a better life for yourself without having to worry constantly about finances. 

Or you simply want to be able to pay your bills on time and in full every month.

But how?

How do you bring prosperity into your life?

Financial matters can be stressful and intimidating, but they don’t have to be.

That’s where money mantras come in. 

What Are Mantras for Abundance?  

You can use mantras for abundance to transform your relationship with money and lead you to financial success. 

In case you haven’t already heard, this quote from Gandhi explains it perfectly:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.”

This is GREAT news because you CAN change your beliefs and, therefore, your thoughts, words, actions, habits, values, and destiny.

But what are they?

  • Short phrases you repeatedly use to empower you. Abundance mantras inspire you to achieve your financial goals and attract more money into your life.
  • Healthy dialogue creators. Prosperity mantras can increase your self-confidence and feelings of self-worth. They help you reduce self-doubt and defeat thoughts, allowing you to achieve your financial goals.
  • Reminders to take action. Money mantras help you minimize stress and worry about money and allow you to achieve your desired outcomes. They help you focus your thoughts and energy on your goals and positive results. 
  • What they’re not? While they work when used correctly, mantras are not magic formulas or silver bullets. They won’t instantly put a million dollars in your bank account or solve all your money woes. They require dedication and action.

How to Write Mantras for Abundance and Prosperity 

Blindly choosing or writing mantras for abundance is ineffective. To create prosperity in your life, you must do so with intention. You have to make them work for you.

Here are some tips for writing your own mantras for abundance and prosperity:

  • Determine your area or areas of focus. There are many aspects to financial success. Take some time to think about what you want to improve, whether that’s general money management, saving, investing, paying off debt, making more money, improving your mindset around money, or whatever else you want to work towards. As your mindset shifts and improves, your mantras should evolve, too.
  • It must feel sincere. To be effective, the mantras you use should hold meaning and be personal to you. Using mantras that encourage you to invest doesn’t make sense if investing isn’t your goal. On the other hand, if you want to manage your money more effectively, mantras that empower you to do just that will help. 
  • Flip your limiting beliefs. Chances are you have some negative or limiting beliefs around money, your ability to make it, or whether you even deserve it. Reframe those negative thoughts to something more positive.
  • Focus on what you can control. It’s not logical to control what those around you say, think, or do. But you can master your thoughts and reactions to their beliefs and behaviors. 
  • Use the present tense. Avoid thoughts of what happened in the past or what the future may hold. Effective mantras focus on NOW, things you can do and think in the moment.

57 Mantras for Abundance to Attract More of What You Want 

Prosperity manifestation can happen for you with these abundance mantras. Choose one or a few that work for you and change them around where necessary.

For example, if one speaks to you but doesn’t totally resonate, try adding “I am worthy of” or “I am capable of” before it. 

Then follow our tips to use them effectively, and you’ll see results in no time!

1. I am capable of making intentional choices with my money.

2. My net worth does not determine my self-worth.

3. I am committed to learning more about money.

4. I am a master of money.

5. I am easily and naturally good with money.

6. I am in control of my money and finances.

7. I am capable of reaching financial independence.

mantras for abundance
8. Becoming debt free comes easily and naturally to me.

9. My money works for me.

10. I am capable of saving more than I spend.

11. I spend my money on things I value.

12. I am easily learning to invest my money. 

13. I naturally attract wealth and good fortune.

14. I release all resistance to attracting money into my life.

15. I am a money magnet.

16. I have a positive relationship with money, and I use it wisely.

17. My income is constantly increasing.

18. I address my financial situation free of fear and doubt.

19. I choose to live a rich, fulfilling life.

20. I am worthy of being paid for my time and skills.

21. I always have more than enough money in my life. 

22. I am worthy of attracting a positive cash flow.

23. I am grateful for the abundance in my life.

24. I give myself permission to reach my financial goals.

mantras for abundance
25. I have the power within me to create the success I desire.

26. I have everything I need right here and now.

27. I easily make $XX every month.

28. I am capable of creating as much abundance as I want.

29. I am worthy of building the wealth I desire. 

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30. I trust the universe to lead me to great opportunities.

31. I am great at (   insert skill   ) and deserve to be paid for it. 

32. I have the knowledge and power I need to build an empire.

33. Making money is easy for me.

34. I deserve a bright future and am capable of manifesting it.

35. I am attracting more money every day.

36. I am worthy of abundant life.

37. My ability to make money is limitless.

38. I have everything I need to reach my goals. 

39. I am open to opportunities and act on them.

40. I am committed to transforming my financial life.

41. Wealth consistently flows into my life and bank account.  

42. My needs and desires are met through infinite intelligence. 

43. I love money, and money loves me.

mantras for abundance
44. I am so grateful for the money that comes to me in increasing quantities.

45. I allow the universe to draw me to all I need to live happily and completely. 

46. Prosperity flows to me every day, in every way.

47. I am open and receptive to the abundance life offers me. 

48. I am now claiming my abundance. 

49. I am worthy of the highest and best in life, and I now draw it to me. 

50. I am grateful for the money that continuously comes to me through multiple sources.

51. Financial freedom is within my reach.

52. I put in the work, and the universe provides.

53. I forgive myself for my past money mistakes and am capable of building the life I want.

54. I am worthy of financial freedom and security.

mantras for abundance
55. I make small sacrifices now to prevent bigger sacrifices later.

56. I am capable of making more money and making a big difference.

57. I release negative thoughts and energy about money. 

How to Use These Money Mantras 

So you’ve chosen or written a few mantras that fit your situation and are meaningful to you. 

Now, what do you do with them? These tips will help you put your money mantras to work for you.

Adjust your mindset. 

Identify the beliefs (often deep-rooted and stemming from childhood) about money and your ability to manage or make it that are holding you back.

Do you believe money is evil, there’s not enough to go around, or you’re not smart enough to make or manage it responsibly? That’s a scarcity mindset.

Strive for an abundance mindset and the belief that there’s plenty to go around for everyone, you have what it takes to be wealthy, and you can do meaningful work.

Repeat regularly. 

Write them down, say them out loud or in your head, or post them where you will see them.

Do this every morning, before bed, and throughout the day as negative thoughts pop up.

Take action. 

The hard truth is that simply repeating something and then sitting around waiting for it to happen isn’t a viable strategy.

Create a budget. Face your money problems. Look for (and take!) opportunities to behave like the kind of financially successful person you strive to be.

Seek support.

Surround yourself with people with a positive money mindset rather than those who bring you down.

That doesn’t necessarily mean cutting pessimistic friends or family from your life (although that’s certainly an option). But make new connections with people in person or online that share the mindset you’re working to achieve.

Celebrate your progress.

The best way to motivate yourself to move forward is to focus on your wins, big or small. Whether you reach a major milestone or simply opt to make dinner at home instead of eating out, congratulate yourself on your progress.

Expect setbacks.  

It takes dedication and hard work to improve your financial situation. Not every day will be sunshine and rainbows. Difficult circumstances and decisions will arise. When they do, breathe and show yourself grace and compassion.

Pay gratitude.

Have you noticed that the suggestion to practice gratitude shows up everywhere? That’s because it’s powerful. Focusing on good things brings more good things. The opposite is true too. 

Change takes time. You didn’t develop negative thoughts and beliefs overnight, and it’s not likely that you’ll reverse them quickly either.

Be patient with yourself and keep pushing forward. Dr. Steve Maraboli said it best: “The universe doesn’t give you what you ask for with your thoughts; it gives you what you demand with your actions.”

Believe in the power of manifesting. Achieve more of your goals as you use these mantras for abundance to attract more of what you want.

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