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5 Unique Countries To Visit That Practice Sustainability

5 Unique Countries To Visit That Practice Sustainability

Most people searching for a travel destination want to go somewhere unique that will provide lifelong memories. However, tourism can be damaging to some areas. It’s more crucial than ever to travel sustainably and ensure you’re leaving a place as clean or cleaner than you found it rather than contributing to the problem.

For your next trip, consider one of these places that pledge to improve the world of tourism one move at a time by practicing sustainability. You can feel good about visiting destinations that strive to keep from being damaged by visitors, no matter how well-meaning they are.

1. Slovenia

Slovenia is a unique destination that promotes eco-friendly living above all else. The Green Scheme Programme is a certification that encourages businesses to pursue sustainability in tourism. It outlines certain environmentally friendly practices for hotels, tours and restaurants. Slovenia actively promotes companies that adhere to the Green Scheme Programme, so there’s plenty of incentive to get on the approved list.

2. Wales

Wales is in a race against itself toward sustainability. Its efforts to get to a zero-waste lifestyle have companies and stores competing against one another to provide sustainable products that create net zero carbon emissions. This encourages tourists to look for the best deal from green sources.

Another great thing about Wales is that it takes sustainable farming seriously. Many small towns feature farm-to-table restaurants and general stores that source seasonal produce from local farms. Everything stays in one area, ensuring you receive products and food from the place you’re visiting rather than elsewhere. This provides for a truly authentic experience.

3. The Azores Islands

This group of nine islands is just off the coast of Portugal. It’s the most sustainable of all archipelagos, with plenty to offer visitors, like whale watching and scuba diving. This series of islands is a must-see for explorers who value nature above all else on their vacations. You can sample delicious local cuisine and experience the Azores Islands at their fullest, hot springs and all.

4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a well-known destination to many people, but one thing most people might not know is how committed the country is to sustainability. Around 25% of the nation is a conservation zone, and almost 100% of the country’s electricity is generated through renewable resources. There is plenty of nature-friendly attractions and things to do, no matter your age or activity level. It’s the perfect destination if you want to slow down and experience nature — and maybe even help support the country’s sustainability efforts.

5. Bhutan

Bhutan is a unique destination that not everyone gets the chance to see. The country opened to tourism in 1974 and it chooses its tourists carefully. You can book guided itineraries that include taxes that go directly to the country’s infrastructure, health care and education systems. In this way, tourism directly benefits the country you’ll visit.

The destruction of protected coral reefs and the environment as a whole has prompted Bhutan to limit tourism. This allows the country to thrive without being harmed by too many visitors.

Travel Responsibly And Seek Sustainability

It’s vital to make your travel more sustainable. Ensure you’re following eco-friendly practices that don’t damage or deplete the country’s natural resources. Always research your destinations and choose the options that promise a greener future for the place you’re visiting.

Traveling somewhere new can be exciting. You can feel even better about your vacation by minimizing your carbon footprint and supporting the ethical and sustainable practices these countries have put in place. Higher tourism demands might encourage other countries to follow suit, too. Soon, every nation may enact plans for greener tourism.

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