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5 Hormonal Health Tips For Women

5 Hormonal Health Tips For Women

Everything in your body is interconnected. When hormones go out of whack, they can wreak havoc with everything from appetite and immune function to mood.

However, you aren’t a passive victim of these biochemical storms. You can take proactive steps to maintain balance and nurture your wellbeing. Here are five hormonal health tips for women to help you stay on your level.

1. Learn The Signs Of Imbalance

Many women don’t pay much attention to their hormonal health until they attempt to get pregnant. They may begin tracking their menstrual periods and noticing distinct patterns and anomalies – such as a 25-day cycle extending into the 30-day zone and beyond.

Normally, these fluctuations are no cause for concern. However, they might indicate an underlying hormonal imbalance if they occur with other symptoms. Pay attention to the following signs to determine whether it’s time to call your gynecologist:

  • Weight fluctuation – Some conditions such as PCOS often result in weight gain.
  • Fatigue – You shouldn’t feel tired all the time if you eat a healthy diet and get sufficient sleep at night. If you still can’t stay awake or feel brain foggy, something else is amiss.
  • Digestive problems – Hormonal imbalances can upset your intestinal microbiota, leading to gas, nausea, and bloating.
  • Mental health concerns – You may experience debilitating depression or heart-racing anxiety without an apparent external cause.
  • Acne and hair loss – Hormones also influence your skin and hair microbiota. You may experience more frequent acne breakouts or start shedding in the shower.
  • Weakness and joint pain – Hormones help you maintain muscular strength. Insufficient levels can lead to weakness. In turn, your joints experience more impact, making them creakier than usual.

Your doctor may prescribe medications like birth control pills to get you back on track, although you might resist if you’re trying to become pregnant. Sometimes a reset helps. Other times, you can turn to holistic remedies to balance yourself naturally.

2. Add More Seeds To Your Diet

Seeds are a rich source of lignans. What are these magical substances? Scientists classify them as phytoestrogens because of their steroid-like chemical structure that benefits the female reproductive system.

Some women successfully use seed cycling to regulate their menstrual cycles and maximize fertility. You practice it by eating a tablespoon each of flax and pumpkin seeds during the follicular stage – the first day of your period through ovulation. Then, you switch to sesame and sunflower seeds during the luteal phase, which lasts until you get your period.

Although there’s little scientific evidence to support this practice, ample anecdotal reports indicate it may help some women. However, you might not have to go crazy with what to eat and when – some people experience hormonal-balancing effects simply from including more of these seeds in their diet without following a strict schedule.

3. Consume The Rainbow

Antioxidants are vital for hormonal health. They serve a crucial role in menopausal women, helping their bodies mitigate the oxidative stress during the transition. They also benefit younger women, giving them the necessary nutrients for balance.

You find these substances in plant-based foods, particularly brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Different shades represent different phytonutrient content – for example, blue and purple foods are rich in anthocyanins. Strive to eat the rainbow every day to ensure sufficient intake of various nutrients.

4. Know What To Avoid

The right diet can help women manage their hormonal health. It’s as important to know what to avoid as what to consume. The following substances promote a powerful inflammatory response that can upset your hormonal balance:

  • Alcohol
  • White flour
  • Sugar
  • Unhealthy fats

5. Monitor Your Weight And Stress Levels

Finally, adjusting your diet with the above tips should help moderate your weight. The other half of the puzzle? Adopt a regular exercise program that you love. Physical activity helps promote healthy body composition while producing a critical bonus.

Movement also helps you mitigate stress. When you’re under pressure, your body secretes additional cortisol to prepare you for what it perceives as a continued onslaught. However, an excess of this hormone can disrupt the balance of others.

Additionally, too much cortisol can lead to powerful cravings for high-sugar, high-calorie foods that further upset your balance. Exercise taps into your body’s innate fight-or-flight response, lowering levels of this hormone the way nature intended.

Hormonal Health Tips For Women

Your hormones influence your total health. An imbalance can produce unpleasant physical symptoms and impact your chances of getting pregnant. Follow the above hormonal health tips for women to enjoy greater control over your cycle. You’ll feel better overall and improve your chances of starting a family if you so choose.

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