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5 Fathers Day Gift Ideas You Can Enjoy Together

5 Fathers Day Gift Ideas You Can Enjoy Together

With fathers day rapidly approaching (it’s on Sunday 19th June if you didn’t know) it’s time to start planning what to buy for your dear old dad. But men can be tricky so and so’s to buy for can’t they. I mean, how many pairs of socks and bottles of shower gel do they actually need!?!

With that in mind, we think the best fathers day gift you could give your dad is the gift of getting to spend more time with you. The pandemic saw us miss way too many family get togethers, celebrations, and milestones, and it reminded us that there is no greater gift than that of time spent with our loved ones. We also understand however, that turning up empty handed on fathers day doesn’t look too good. Which is why we’ve compiled our list of five ideas that involves both gifts and time spent together. We think your dad will love them!

Wine Tasting

If your dad likes a cheeky vino every now and again, but the reality is he wouldn’t know a Merlot from a Chianti, then we’ve got just the idea for you… a wine tasting experience.

Wine tasting can be done either at a vineyard; where the grapes are grown, harvested, and then made into wine; or in a tasting room at a private venue or bar. For example, Two Vintners has a tasting room where a small group of you can go along, taste the wine and then you have the opportunity to purchase any bottles of wine that you have particularly enjoyed.

And that’s the thing, wine tasting isn’t just about educating yourself about the different types of grape, the flavours, the pairings etc., it also offers you the opportunity to discover new wines that you might never have tasted or perhaps not even heard of before.

If you have siblings, you could all club together and make it a group thing and then treat your dad to some of his favourite wines to take home with him.

Private Jet

If you and your dad like the finer things in life and are all about the luxe lifestyle, then what about going all out and chartering a private jet to take you somewhere fancy. It might seem a tad extravagant, but hey you have only got one dad and it feels nice to spoil him every now and again, right?

There are companies, like Momentum Jets, who provide high end chartered jets or helicopters to take you on short haul flights to areas that may be hard to access with standard aircraft. Many people only consider the destination to be of importance, but we say the fun should begin from the moment you start your travels.

Why not see if your friends would like to treat their dad too and then you could all share the cost. Imagine the dads faces as you all drive to the airfield and they see what awaits them; they will get treated like royalty and you’ll get to enjoy the whole thing with them!

Drone Training

Boys love their toys, and this never really changes even when they’ve become fully grown men – the toys simply turn into more expensive gadgets and the latest modern technology. One of the most popular grown up toys is the drone, a small unmanned aircraft that’s operated from the ground by remote control. We think most dads would be over the moon to receive a drone as a fathers day gift (it appeals to the inner kid in them!) however, it’s worth bearing in mind that there are certain rules about owning them.

In some countries it is a legal requirement that you must have a license in order to be able to fly your drone. And you must also be careful about where your dad flies his new drone, as there are certain areas that are no fly zones, so do your research and make sure you pass the information on so that he doesn’t get himself in any trouble.

To truly master flying a drone it’s advisable to enrol in some drone flying lessons. You can click here for more info about drone training courses, which will help your dad improve his technical pilot skills and hopefully help protect both the drone and anyone crazy enough to get in its way!

Once he has got to grips with his fathers day gift, that’s when the fun can really begin. Most drones come equipped with cameras that can take pictures and videos of the aerial landscapes they fly over. So why not take your dad and his drone out for the day and see what visual masterpieces you can create together.

Pub Walk

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make for the best present, so what about treating your dad to a walk in the countryside with a few pub stops en route as a fathers day gift this year. This is where your map reading skills will come in handy, or failing that there’s always good old Google maps to help you out!

If you want to get your dad involved you could sit down and plan your route together, deciding between you how long the walk should be and how many pub stops you can fit in. Or if you would prefer to keep the whole thing a surprise, what about buying your dad a map and marking the route on it in coloured pen so that he can forever treasure your day and perhaps do the same walk again in future.

And of course, it goes without saying that seeing as it’s fathers day, drinks are most definitely on you. Cheers!

Day At The Races

No dad can resist having a bit of a flutter every now and again, so for our last fathers day gift idea how about taking him out for a day at the races. It’s the perfect chance to get dressed up in your smarts and live the high life for the day. Hey, you could even arrive in ultimate style and combine it with that luxury chartered jet we were telling you about!

Give your dad some spending money, set yourself a gambling budget (we want this to be a nice experience, so never bet more than you can afford to lose), and try and pick yourself a winner.

This gift idea is an odds on favourite and your dad will be smiling from ear to ear when the horse he’s backed comes over the finish line first.

Hopefully this selection of fathers day gift ideas will inspire you to find the perfect present that you and your dad can enjoy together. Happy fathers day to all the dads out there!

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