35 Self-Forgiveness Affirmations To Heal Yourself

We’ve all done things we regret. 

We’ve hurt people, made mistakes, and not been the best version of ourselves. 

But forgiveness is an important part of learning from our experiences and growing as individuals. 

Forgiving yourself for your past actions can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be.

Forgiveness affirmations will help you move beyond guilt and shame by cultivating compassion and understanding for yourself – something everyone deserves. 

So take a few moments to read through these forgiveness affirmations and practice forgiving yourself as often as possible.

 You’ll find it easier to take responsibility for your mistakes and become the best version of yourself when you practice these releasing affirmations.

6 Benefits of Using Affirmations for Self-Forgiveness

Affirmations for forgiveness work by creating awareness of your belief systems. If you believe that you are worthy of forgiveness and repeat this to yourself regularly, you’ll see a shift in your life as you align with your mindset and values.

Here are some of the shifts you’ll start to see in your life once you begin to practice forgiveness affirmations:

  • A reduction in negative thought patterns: Regularly repeating affirmations for forgiveness can help reduce negative thoughts and feelings about your past mistakes. As you become more aware of the positive statements that you are making about yourself, your self-talk will start to shift from being critical and judgmental to being supportive and compassionate.
  • A greater acceptance of yourself: By repeating forgiveness affirmations regularly, you’ll see yourself in a more positive and accepting light. You’ll start to have more confidence and self-esteem. Internal self-talk will shift from being self-destructive to being enabled and empowered, which can help you to continue striving for your goals.
  • Increased motivation: When practicing self-forgiveness, you’re allowing yourself to make mistakes without fearing the consequences. New energy and confidence can help you to become more motivated and driven as you focus on the future rather than dwelling on the past.
  • Forgiveness of others: As you start to forgive yourself, it can be easier to forgive others as well. You’ll find that your capacity for understanding and compassion increases when you make a concerted effort to practice self-forgiveness.
  • Physical improvements: Forgiveness can have a positive effect on your physical health as well. Studies have shown that stress and anxiety can lead to weight gain, headaches, and digestive problems. Practicing self-forgiveness can help reduce these physical symptoms.
  • A more balanced perspective: When we get caught up in feeling shameful or guilty for what we’ve done, we focus solely on the negative aspects of our experiences. Practicing self-forgiveness can bring a more balanced perspective to our lives, as we can accept the positive and negative aspects of our experiences without judgment.

While some of these benefits are cultivated over time with a regular affirmation practice, it’s possible to experience them as soon as a single session is completed. So let’s move on to the affirmations themselves.

35 Self-Forgiveness Affirmations To Heal Yourself

1. I forgive myself for my present, past, and future mistakes.

2. I accept that I am worthy of love and forgiveness.

3. I know that I tried my best, and that is good enough.

4. I give myself permission to make mistakes without judgment or guilt.

5. My love for myself is unconditional. I learn from my mistakes and find ways to grow.

forgiveness affirmations
6. I choose to focus on the present rather than dwelling on the past.

7. I prioritize self-kindness because I deserve it.

8. Love will help me to heal and forgive myself.

9. I am patient with myself as I grow and learn in this world.

10. I choose to be proud of myself for the progress I’ve made.

11. Every time I forgive someone else, I also forgive myself because everyone deserves forgiveness.

12. I release any pain or suffering I have caused myself.

13. I am worth forgiving, and I am worth loving.

14. I don’t aim for perfection. I aim for unconditional self-love.

15. It’s always okay to start again and try something different.

16. My favorite moments in life are the ones that help me to grow.

17. I am thankful for all of my life experiences, even the difficult ones.

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18. If I fall short of my goals, I will forgive and accept myself anyway.

19. I am learning to be kinder and gentler with myself, even when it is difficult.

20. I choose to be compassionate towards myself and practice self-forgiveness.

forgiveness affirmations
21. It is okay for me to make mistakes and move on from them in a healthy way.

22. I understand that failure is a part of life, and this allows me to grow stronger emotionally and spiritually.

23. Allowing myself to make mistakes does not define who I am as a person; instead, it makes me stronger and wiser for the future.

24. I recognize both my strengths and weaknesses but ultimately focus on my strengths.

25. Even though it’s hard to forgive myself sometimes, I will take steps today to learn how to do so more effectively with each passing day moving forward.

26. My worth isn’t tied to past events or behaviors; instead, the value of my identity comes from the potential within me, which gives me hope for a better tomorrow.

27. Today is the perfect opportunity for me to let go of any judgemental thoughts regarding myself that no longer serve me well.

28. As long as I learn from my mistakes, I can still achieve progress.

29. I can offer myself the same level of understanding and forgiveness I so readily offer to others.

30. I recognize my ability to make a sincere effort toward my own healing and growth.

31. Self-improvement is an act of love that I embrace fearlessly.

32. When I forgive myself for my mistakes, I open up the possibility of creating a better tomorrow.

forgiveness affirmations
33. No matter what happened in the past, I am now free to choose a different path.

34. I can surpass my present challenges with understanding, courage, and strength.

35. I release the things that will no longer serve my highest good and move forward with peace.

How to Practice Using Forgiveness Affirmations

Knowing how to use forgiveness affirmations is key to achieving inner peace. By regularly using self-forgiveness affirmations, you can reconnect with your true self and help to heal the wounds of your past.

Practicing these affirmations can be done in a few simple steps:

  • Choose your affirmation: The first step in practicing forgiveness affirmations is to choose one that feels right to you. Use this list to find the perfect one. Feel free to change a few words to make it feel more authentic and empowering to you. The right affirmation should invite you to shift your perspective and approach the future with openness.
  • Take time each day: The next step is ensuring you have a regularly scheduled time for affirmations. Many people like to practice their affirmations in the morning when they first wake up or just before bed. Another good time to practice forgiveness affirmations is when you’re particularly frustrated or upset with yourself.
  • Find a safe space for practice: Finding a comfortable and peaceful space for your affirmations practice is essential. You could choose a quiet corner of your bedroom or even go outside to connect with nature. If you want to be able to recite your affirmation anywhere, consider using an accessory as an anchor such as a necklace, bracelet, or ring.
  • Focus on the words: Sitting quietly, focus on the words of your affirmation. Go through each phrase slowly, taking in its meaning and connecting with it. You can also add a visualization of the affirmation to help you go deeper.
  • Repeat: Finally, repeat your affirmation several times until you feel connected to its message. The longer you practice in each sitting, the more you notice a shift in your beliefs and attitudes.

Make adjustments to this process as needed, so it fits in with your lifestyle and is something you look forward to doing.

You may also try out different affirmations to see which one resonates best with you, but don’t experiment with too many at once because this may dilute your message and intention.

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult to forgive yourself since we live in a world where criticism and judgment are commonplace. By practicing self-forgiveness through affirmations, we can learn how to let go of our past and embrace the present with a renewed sense of self-love. 

Forgiveness can help us repair and restructure the societal ills that our external and internal realities have brought.

So take the time to nurture and love yourself, practice forgiveness affirmations, and remember that you are worthy of forgiveness.

Forgiving yourself can sound intimidating and scary at times. With that, here are forgiveness affirmations that can help you forgive yourself.

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