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21 Signs From The Universe That Someone Is Thinking of You

21 Signs From The Universe That Someone Is Thinking of You

Ever feel like someone you know is thinking of you — or even talking about you in your absence?

Maybe you’ve even come to associate it with a specific sensation in your body or a sudden change in your mood. 

Or maybe you just want to know whether your intuitions are correct.

What are the signs that someone is missing you or thinking about you? 

And how is it even possible for you to know one way or the other?

How to Tell If Someone Is Thinking About You 

Random sensations in your body can also be a strong clue that someone you know is thinking of you.

Any of the following could be a sign. Or it could be just what it is.

  • Sneezing — that isn’t a symptom of a head cold or allergy
  • Hiccups  — that aren’t a result of eating or drinking too quickly
  • Eye twitching — pretty much always annoying
  • Goosebumps — and not because you’re cold or scared
  • Burning sensation in your cheeks (or ears)
  • A sensation of being touched — when no one else is there
  • Ringing in your ears — and not because of a racing heartbeat or high blood pressure

We know this is a long shot. When in doubt, ask the universe for backup.

And think about the kind of evidence you’d like to receive. 

21 Signs From The Universe That Someone Is Thinking of You 

There’s no science-backed evidence that the following signs someone is thinking about you are legit. How can you know for sure unless you’re in that person’s mind? 

Man enjoys looking at sunset signs from the universe that someone is thinking of you

But as Hamlet famously reminds us in the Shakespeare play, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, / Than are dreamt of in our philosophy.” Perhaps science hasn’t caught up with the universe. 

1. You smile or sigh subconsciously.

If someone notices and asks about it, you can’t really explain it. Or you don’t want to. Oddly, when you think of someone, you feel the same smile or sigh response. And you’re not even sorry. 

They’re worth it. 

2. You dream about them. 

This would be super-annoying if it weren’t that you’re 100% okay with this person being right there with you in all your dreams. 

What happens in dreamland stays in dreamland. Or maybe it doesn’t have to. If this person keeps showing up in your dreams, chances are pretty good they have an essential role to play in your life, whatever that might be. 

3. You feel a sudden need to be where they are. 

You don’t know exactly why, but you feel a need to be with them, wherever they are and whatever they’re doing. You feel an inexplicable urge to find out what they’re up to and see whether they would welcome your company. 

The universe could be telling you you’re on their mind as much as they are on yours. 

4. You feel their energy (and you like it). 

You’ve been around this person, so you know how their energy feels. You just don’t expect to feel that energy at random moments when they’re not even there. That said, you’re not opposed to feeling it. 

It’s good energy. When you feel it, it brightens up your perspective and makes the moment more special somehow. 

5. You feel a sudden mood swing or a random burst of energy.

Energy transfers between people are anything but an exact science.

But if you suddenly feel an abrupt mood swing (hopefully in a more positive direction) or a burst of fresh energy, that could be a sign that this person is thinking of you and sending some of their good thoughts your way. So, send some back. 

6. They come to mind suddenly, and you can’t stop thinking about them. 

You weren’t thinking of them a moment ago, but now you are, and you can’t seem to stop. It’s as if they jumped right in front of you, claiming your full attention.

And you can’t help wondering, “What is this? Are they in trouble?” And all you want to do, then, is find the answer to that question. 

7. The image of their face comes to mind clearly. 

And, of course, that face immediately wipes everything else from your mind. Because c’mon. Nothing can beat that face. 

Or maybe it’s not like that. But this person is important to you, and when their face comes so clearly to mind, you can’t help thinking your minds and souls are connected somehow at that moment. 

It can’t hurt to check on them. 

8. They share things they know you like. 

They share jokes, news articles, and funny videos on social media or through texting chains. 

They also share things they know you specifically will notice as something connected to a conversation you two have had. 

Maybe they even share something that answers a specific question you know you asked them — or, spookier still, a question you had in mind while thinking of them. 

9. Somehow his family/friends know about you. 

He’s been talking about you to his family or friends (or both), and they seem interested in knowing more about you — as if they’re trying to see if they like you for him. 

If you run into one of them, you see something on their face that tells you they have questions. If they get a chance, they might just ask a few. 

10. They remember little things about you. 

When someone you know remembers little things about you, it means they’ve been paying attention — and likely that they’ve been thinking about you in your absence. Otherwise, the headspace for those details would likely have replaced them with something else. 

girl drinking coffee signs from the universe that someone is thinking of you

It’s especially significant when they see or hear something that reminds them of you and take the time to tell you about it. 

11. You receive random messages from them. 

Out of the blue, they send you a text to share something they think would interest you or ask you a question — or just to see how you’re doing.

Sometimes, these messages are unexpected. Other times they coincide with moments when you’re thinking of them. 

12. They come unexpectedly to help you with something. 

And though you might not admit it (out loud), they are exactly the person you wanted to be there. If you had to choose someone to show up when you need help, it would be this person, though you might not yet be able to admit the real reason why. 

Everything is just better when they’re around. 

13. They like old stuff you’ve shared on social media. 

You notice they’ve been “liking” old content from your social media timeline as if they’re looking through it to learn more about you or to remember good times you’ve had together. Maybe they’re just killing time. 

Or maybe they want you to know you’ve been on their mind. 

14. They know things you haven’t even told them personally. 

It’s spooky enough when someone texts or calls you while you’re thinking of them (for some reason). It’s next-level woo-woo when they know something you’ve never actually told them. And you don’t know who could have told them. 

It’s a definite sign they’ve been thinking of you. Plus, there’s a lot we still don’t know about the mind’s abilities.  

girl sitting while writing signs the universe that someone is thinking of you

15. They just seem to know when you need cheering up. 

And even if they go about it in a  backhanded way, you know they care. Suddenly, they show up, or their message pops up on your phone screen. You were on their mind, and they felt compelled to reach out to you and share some of their weird, wonderful self. 

Because you matter to them. Nice. 

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16. They light up when they see you. 

You don’t know why, but their face and body language change when they see you. 

Maybe with most people, their reaction to you isn’t something you’re quick to notice, but with this person, you just do. When they light up, it tells you they’ve been thinking of you. And it lights you up, too.

17. You’re both seeing the same numbers. 

Are you both seeing the same numbers or number sequences, and neither of you has planted the number in the other’s mind? If so,  that coincidence could be a sign from the universe that this person has been thinking of you. 

It could also signify a deeper connection between your minds. 

18. They ask for your opinion. 

If someone values your opinion enough to ask for it, that’s a strong sign they’ve been thinking of you — and that they want to know you better. After all, whose opinions matter to you if not those of the people you esteem the most? 

You care about what they think. So, it’s a boost when the interest is mutual. 

19. They notice new things about you. 

This person quickly notices any changes in your appearance and behavior: a new hairstyle, a new outfit, even a new way of carrying yourself. Because they have an idea of who you are, and your image lives in their memory and their imagination. 

Any changes in the way you look or act stand out for them. 

20. They ask you about your plans. 

If someone is asking you about your plans for the day (or the week, month, year…), and they show real interest in your answers, that’s a strong sign they’ve been thinking of you. It could also mean they’re looking for ways to become a bigger part of your life. 

It could also be their way of investigating how compatible the two of you are. 

21. You keep hearing songs that remind you of this person.

Songs you connect with a specific person keep playing on the radio or in your head. It’s distracting because it gets you thinking about this person, and suddenly that’s all you want to think about. 

It could be a strong sign that this person is thinking of you right now — and may actually be hearing the same song. 

FAQs About Signs Someone Is Thinking About You 

You’ve got questions. And honestly, we’d be disappointed if you didn’t. So, here are a few questions that keep coming up. 

Can you sense if someone is thinking of you?

Sometimes, when you’re thinking of a certain person, that same person is thinking of you, too. Even if you chalk it up to mere coincidence, the more this happens, the more meaningful those coincidences are likely to be. 

It may even get to a point where you get a sudden feeling or thought whenever this person is thinking of you. 

How do you know if the universe wants you to be with someone?

If all the signs suggest this person is frequently on your mind, and you’re on theirs, the universe may be nudging you two together. 

Here’s a sampling of signs the universe wants you to be with someone:

  • You receive random messages from them;
  • You feel a sudden strong need to be where they are;
  • They frequently come to mind “out of the blue”;
  • The same coincidences follow you both;
  • You can’t stop thinking about them.

Now that you’ve looked through all these signs from the universe that someone is thinking of you, reflect on those you’ve experienced yourself. 

Not for nothing does this person keep occupying your mind and distracting you from other things, and you may be doing the same to them. What will you do today to explore that?

There are times when you feel uneasy for no reason. This could be a sign from the universe that someone is thinking of you. Read this post to know more signs.

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