151 Positive Words That Start With E To Describe a Person

When you’re writing a nice message to someone, the perfect word can be elusive.

Forget the advice in English class about not using too many adjectives.

Go ahead and get as wordy as you want.

Your effort will shine through, especially if you’re trying to make an impact.

A dazzling word that describes a person perfectly will get you noticed and remembered.

People like to be recognized for their best qualities.

This list presents many character traits that start with E.

151 Positive Words That Start with E to Describe a Person

After scouring the back shelves of the English language and the always enlightening Scrabble dictionary, we present a massive list of positive adjectives that start with E.

You’re certain to find an excellent or extraordinary word here!

1. Eager – Ready and willing to do something right away.

2. Eagle-eyed – Notices things that other people miss.

3. Early – Stays ahead of deadlines and gets work done.

4. Earnest – Honest desire to do something or express a belief.

5. Earthshaking – Has a momentous effect upon surroundings.

6. Earthy – Lives close to the land and is not distracted by abstractions.

7. Easy-Going – Tends to go with the flow and does not upset easily.

8. Ebullient – Bubbling with excitement and happiness.

9. Eccentric – Odd and weird but in an interesting or harmless way.

10. Ecclesiastic – Rooted in religious teachings.

11. Eco-friendly – Tries to live in a nontoxic manner and affirm all life.

12. Ecological – Understands the relationships among living things.

13. Economic – Takes care to use resources wisely.

14. Economical – Looks for ways to reduce costs and shed inefficiency.

15. Ecstatic – Overflowing with positive emotion.

16. Ecumenical – Takes a worldwide view and celebrates similarities across cultures and religions.

17. Edgy – Likes to test boundaries and seek alternatives to the status quo.

18. Edifying – Provides information that leads to character development.

19. Educated – Well informed about specific topics as opposed to ignorant.

20. Effective – Good at achieving goals.

21. Effectual – Displays competence at completing tasks.

22. Effervescent – Full of life and happy to engage with people or activities.

23. Efficacious – Has a good record of meeting goals.

24. Efficient – Does not waste time or resources.

25. Effortless – Makes everything look easy.

26. Effusive – Communicates gratitude, happiness, or approval with great zeal.

27. Egalitarian – Strives to treat everyone as equal and promote fairness.

28. Einsteinian – Shows great intellect, particularly in physics.

29. Elaborate – Skillfully navigates many details.

30. Elastic – Has a flexible attitude and can fit in within different groups.

31. Elated – Extreme joy.

32. Elating – Inspires joy in others.

33. Eldest – Deserves respect for their position in life.

34. Electric – Impresses people with uniquely strong personal magnetism.

35. Electrifying – Captures and holds people’s attention with amazing performance.

36. Elegant – Moves with precision and displays a timeless style.

37. Elemental – Possesses one or more traits in their purest forms.

38. Elevated – Rises above the situation and does not deal in petty matters.

39. Elfin – Small, cute, delicate.

40. Elfish – Has delicate features and a playful personality.

41. Eligible – Qualifies for special privileges.

42. Elite – Occupies a high status.

43. Eloquent – Speaks beautiful and is well understood by others.

44. Elucidative – Able to describe ideas clearly and help others understand.

45. Elysian – Produces feelings of delight and happiness.

46. Emancipative – Celebrates and promotes everyone’s liberty.

47. Emblematic – Embodies something to the point of being representative of the concept.

48. Emboldened – Feels justified to pursue a matter of importance.

49. Embracing – Strong willingness to accept people and ideas.

50. Emeritus – Worthy of retaining an important title and status even after retirement.

51. Eminent – An excellent example of something.

52. Emollient – Has a softening effect that diffuses harsh or upsetting situations.

53. Emotional – Is not afraid to conceal or suppress feelings.

54. Emotive – Draws out emotions from others.

55. Empathetic – Takes the point of view and feelings of others into consideration.

56. Empathic – Shares in the feelings of others by absorbing their emotions.

57. Empirical – Looks to experience and information to evaluate situations.

58. Employable – Has the skills and work ethic to earn money from labor.

59. Employed – Gainfully busy.

60. Empowered – Belief in one’s capabilities and right to act on them.

61. Empyreal – Possessing a divine or heavenly quality.

62. Enamoring – Can hold people’s attention and win their approval.

63. Enchanting – Attractive to such an extent that the allure seems magical.

64. Encouraging – Quick to help others overcome insecurities and try new things.

65. Encyclopedic – Possesses an impressive knowledge of many subjects.

66. Endearing – Inspires people to think of you as precious.

67. Endeavoring – Tries really hard to succeed even in the face of difficulty.

68. Endless – Has a limitless reserve of something.

69. Endowed – Has a reserve of resources to draw upon.

70. Enduring – Will not quit even in the face of adversity.

71. Energetic – Full of life and able to pursue tasks without tiring.

72. Energizing – Helps other people feel stronger.

73. Engaged – Stays busy and can easily focus on tasks.

74. Engaging – Holds the attention of people due to being very interesting.

75. Engrossing – Very interesting to the point of blocking out other concerns.

76. Enhanced – Has special features or skills that are above average.

77. Enigmatic – Mysterious and not entirely possible to understand.

78. Enjoyable – Produces feelings of happiness and satisfaction in others.

79. Enlightened – Approaches the world with a modern outlook, appreciates facts, and wants what’s best regardless of tradition.

80. Enlivening – Adds more interest and excitement to a situation.

81. Ennobling – Makes something feel noble, especially if it is difficult to bear.

82. Enraptured – Full of delight.

83. Enriching – Adds to the depth and purpose of a subject.

84. Entertaining – Pleasing and engaging, the opposite of boring.

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85. Enthralling – So interesting that a person cannot get enough of you.

86. Enthused – Filled with positive regard.

87. Enthusiastic – Expresses strong approval.

88. Enticing – Very tempting.

89. Entire – Has everything; nothing is lacking.

90. Entrancing – Holds attention as if by casting a spell.

91. Entrepreneurial – Willing to take risks and make something for themselves without relying on getting it from others.

92. Enumerable – Unable to be measured or counted.

93. Enviable – Has one or more traits that others long to have for themselves.

94. Environmental – Conscious of natural surroundings and health of ecologically tied communities.

95. Epic – Displays traits and takes actions that go beyond normal life.

96. Epicurean – Has well-developed and discriminating tastes in food and beverages.

97. Equable – Regards others from the point of view that everyone has the same value.

98. Equanimous – In balance with self and others and treating the world with good humor.

99. Equipped – Has what is necessary to succeed.

100. Erogenous – Sexually arousing.

101. Errorless – Exists without flaw; does not make mistakes.

102. Erudite – Displaying knowledge acquired through study.

103. Esoteric – Possessing of secret knowledge.

104. Especial – Has distinctive prestige above what is normal.

105. Essential – Is needed and cannot be done without.

106. Established – Well set up to deal with life and care for oneself.

107. Esteemed – Is highly regarded by others.

108. Eternal – Always there and will never fade.

109. Ethereal – Has a supernatural quality.

110. Ethical – Makes decisions based on what is right for others.

111. Euphonic – Has a pleasing voice or produces harmonic music.

112. Euphoric – Overcome with intense joy that goes beyond day-to-day pleasures.

113. Evaluative – Takes the time to ponder the facts before responding.

114. Evanescent – Shimmering and temporary.

115. Even-tempered – Measures emotional responses carefully and tends not to have extreme feelings.

116. Evenhanded – Treats others with fairness and impartiality.

117. Ever-present – Highly dependable and always there for you.

118. Evergreen – Something that is always in style.

119. Everlasting – Does not change or decline.

120. Evocative – Able to arouse emotions in others.

121. Exacting – Acts carefully and strives for precision.

122. Exalted – Worthy of praise and more accomplished than peers.

123. Exceeding – Brings more to the table; goes beyond normal expectations.

124. Excellent – Has top-quality traits.

125. Exceptional – Is an outlier in a positive way.

126. Excitant – Can add to something’s quality and make it better than normal.

127. Exciting – The quality of making others energetic about your presence.

128. Exclamatory – Does not hold back in expressing thoughts.

129. Exclusive – Sets high standards and only accepts the very best.

130. Exemplary – Demonstrates the best qualities and traits.

131. Exhilarating – Causes deep excitement.

132. Exonerative – Willing to see the good in others and forgive.

133. Exotic – Intriguing and out of the ordinary for the current environment.

134. Expansive – Always willing to do more and be inclusive.

135. Expeditious – Gets things done proactively and efficiently.

136. Experienced – Proven ability in a subject area or task developed over time.

137. Experiential – Focuses on doing things or seeing things instead of having possessions.

138. Experimental – Willing to try things out to see what the results are.

139. Expert – Has such a high level of knowledge that mistakes or errors are unlikely or rare.

140. Explorative – Wants to find out things through direct contact.

141. Expressive – Shares thoughts and feelings with great clarity.

142. Exquisite – Something so awesome it summons feelings of pleasure.

143. Extemporary – Able to speak on a subject with little to no preparation.

144. Extraordinary – Far outside the normal things that occur.

145. Extravagant – Indulges in an excess of style, speech, or possessions, often for dramatic effect.

146. Extroverted – Likes talking to people and prefers frequent social interactions.

147. Exuberant – Bursting with positive vibes and a desire to spread the joy.

148. Exultant – Communicates triumph dramatically.

149. Eye-catching – Always attracts attention.

150. Eye-popping – Induces surprise in others due to an unexpected quality.

151. Eyesome – Very attractive and pleasing to look upon.

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It is sometimes hard to look for a word that perfectly describes someone. In this post, see and learn positive words that start with e to describe a person.

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