15 Must-Know Signs of an Insecure Woman

It’s all too easy to be insecure; don’t we all identify with the feeling of not being good enough or not quite fitting in? 

Hidden deep beneath most women’s exterior appearance lies a little insecurity. 

And while insecurity may take on many forms and appear differently in different people, some signs indicate an acute case of insecurity.

Have you ever experienced a woman who is hard to be around due to low self-esteem or anxiety?

Or perhaps that person is the woman you’re in a relationship with.

Understanding the reasons for and signs of deep-seated insecurity in a woman can help you support her whebn she lacks it.

What Causes a Woman to Be Insecure?

Insecurity doesn’t just appear out of thin air; various events or traumas can trigger it.

From past experiences to criticisms from others, here are seven common causes of insecurity in women:

1. Low Self-Esteem

Women suffer from low self-esteem more than men, largely due to long-standing gender stereotypes and societal expectations.

This lack of self-assurance can lead to insecurity, causing women to experience dread, fear, or discomfort in social and personal situations.

It creates a mindset where individuals do not believe in their capabilities and talents, leading to diminished self-confidence and frequent comparisons to others.

In modern culture, where being “perfect” has become an almost unattainable ideal, people with low self-esteem can’t escape feeling they fall far below expectations.

A lack of recognition given to all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, coupled with unrealistic depictions of beauty, can further contribute to the vulnerability many feel regarding self-worth.

2. Past Traumatic Experiences and Abuse

Many women today have experienced some form of abuse in their past, whether physical or emotional. From childhood trauma to abusive relationships, these experiences can increase insecurity, making a woman feel incapable of identifying her own wants and needs.

Abuse in any form can break down a woman’s sense of self-worth, leading to low self-confidence, relationship issues, and difficulty trusting others.

It can also lead to unhealthy ways of coping, such as depression, substance use, or staying in abusive relationships just to avoid feeling the pain of being alone. 

As a result, many women find themselves stuck in loops of poor self-image and harsh self-judgment, which can interfere with both personal and professional spheres of life.

3. Perfectionism

The drive to be ‘perfect’ in every aspect of life, including career, physical appearance, and family, can be mentally and physically exhausting. 

Rather than promoting personal growth, perfectionistic standards can create an environment where drastic measures are taken to ‘achieve perfection.’ It leads to more significant self-doubt and insecurity rather than confidence.

woman in the couch sad and down signs of an insecure woman

Women who recognize their perfectionistic tendencies should take time out for themselves and reassess unrealistic expectations from the outside world and themselves.

4. Recent Failure or Rejection

Feelings of failure and rejection often drive insecurity in women. Any setback can have far-reaching consequences for a woman’s self-esteem, from job losses to the end of relationships.

Due to the fear of being judged and labeled inadequate, many women put on a brave face despite feeling vulnerable and exposed due to their recent failures or rejection.

Their insecurity stems from the dread of being discounted and dismissed by others.

5. Social Media

In today’s digital age, it’s increasingly difficult for women to avoid the comparison game. The fear of being judged or not fitting in is often exacerbated by social media and its portrayal of beauty standards that are both unrealistic and unattainable.

The damaging effects of this ‘perfectionism-driven culture’ can have a lasting impact on women, leading to feelings of shame and unworthiness.

This can manifest as distrust in one’s abilities or becoming overly reliant on external validation from peers and family members.

6. Frequent Criticism

Criticism and the ‘cancel culture’ are two primary sources of insecurity for women today. This negativity manifests in different ways: from negative comments about physical appearance to criticizing decision-making.

These can damage self-confidence and negatively impact one’s personal power and agency.

A healthy dialogue with respectful words should replace unfair judgment so women feel more secure and content with themselves. Women need to strive for growth and knowledge instead of external approval.

7. Fear of Failure

Women can often fall into the trap of living a ‘safe’ life avoiding risks and uncertainty. This fear of failure results from an insecurity that can prevent women from pursuing their dreams or achieving goals. 

Taking risks offers many opportunities for personal growth, but insecure women may be too afraid even to try. Recognizing these fears and striving to break through them to reach one’s fullest potential is essential.

What Are Women’s Most Common Insecurities?

Women’s insecurities often vary from person to person, but there are some common insecurities that almost all women face. 

Here is a list of female insecurities that most women experience at some point in their lives:

  • Body Image: Did you know that 78% of girls between 12 and 20 years are unhappy with their bodies? Body image issues are pervasive among women and can be a source of insecurity for many. Negative body image is often accompanied by low self-esteem, making it difficult for women to feel confident about their physical appearance.
  • Insecurity in Relationships: In relationships with family, friends, or romantic partners, many women often feel insecure. They may struggle to open up and be vulnerable due to the fear of being judged or rejected, leading to loneliness and isolation.
  • Self-Confidence: Many women struggle with self-doubt, which can often be an obstacle to achieving their goals or dreams. Low confidence also makes it difficult for women to trust their own judgment, and this can lead to a lack of opportunities or stunted progress in their lives.
  • Aging: Many women feel insecure about their age and the physical changes that come with it. Aging can be a challenging experience for some, and this insecurity can manifest in different ways, such as trying to cling to youth or feeling inadequate compared to younger peers.
  • Parenting: In a world where women are judged harsher than men, it can be difficult for parents to feel secure in their parenting decisions. Some women may also feel like they are not good enough as mothers or that their children do not understand them, leading to insecurity.
  • Pressure to Succeed: Women often face tremendous pressure to succeed, leading to feelings of inadequacy when comparing themselves to others. Women may feel like they are not doing enough or that their life is unfulfilled, leading to insecurity about their purpose and worth in the world.

15 Must-Know Signs of an Insecure Woman

Insecurities in people often manifest themselves in different ways. So, it can be quite challenging to tell if your woman is insecure, but certain signs can give you a glimpse into her inner world. 

Here are 15 must-know signs of an insecure woman:

1. It’s Difficult for Her to Trust Anyone

Insecure women often have difficulty trusting their partners, friends, or family due to the fear of betrayal or abandonment. This lack of trust can affect relationships and make it difficult for her to open up and be vulnerable.

If your woman doesn’t trust you, she may constantly be looking for any signs of doubt or betrayal, which can lead to arguments and resentment.

2. She Is Overly Jealous of Your Platonic Relationships

Jealousy is a sign of insecurity in women as it stems from an irrational fear of losing their partner or being replaced.

It can lead to controlling behavior, possessiveness, or even sabotaging their partner’s relationships with friends and family.

While a little bit of jealousy is expected in relationships, it’s essential to recognize when it has become excessive before it damages your relationship.

3. She Requires Constant Reassurance

Insecure women often need constant reassurance from their partners, whether compliments or validation of their worth. This need can manifest as clinginess or needy behavior, making them overly reliant on their partner for approval.

However, this doesn’t mean that every woman who wants reassurance is insecure. Self-esteem and love don’t come from reassurance but rather from within.

4. She Is a Perfectionist

Though striving for success, beauty and excellence can be admirable qualities, in the context of perfectionism, they become an unhealthy obsession.

It manifests as fear of failure, compulsively seeking approval from others, and setting excessively-high standards that can often be impossible or impractical. 

blonde woman looking at the mirror signs of an insecure woman

The need to seek external validation and perpetual comparison with others leads to discounting accomplishments and feeling like nothing is ever good enough.

5. She Self-Deprecates (Putting Herself Down)

Did you know that women who heavily self-deprecate may have little faith in their abilities, forget their strengths, or lack the fundamental belief in themselves necessary to achieve success and overcome challenges?

While self-deprecation often appears as joking or laughing at one’s flaws or missteps, it’s a sign that someone may lack self-confidence.

6. She has Constant Emotional Outbursts

While arguing and expressing emotions naturally, excessive emotional outbursts may signify insecurity in women. These outbursts typically stem from an inability to process or express feelings calmly.

An insecure woman may also lash out at her partner when feeling threatened by something they said or become easily frustrated when things don’t go her way.

7. She Constantly Criticizes Other Women

Insecure women can often be quite judgmental and critical of their fellow women. Whether it’s a friend, colleague, or stranger, they often feel threatened by other women’s success, beauty, or accomplishments, leaving them overly critical or judgmental.

In this case, criticism can take the form of disparaging comments about how the other woman looks or acts, comparing herself to others in a negative light, or simply being unable to accept other women’s successes.

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8. She Always Plays the Victim

Playing the victim is a common sign of insecurity among women, especially when faced with life’s hurdles.

This behavior is characterized by an attempt to draw attention and sympathy to avoid taking responsibility for your own actions.

It also includes blaming everyone else for your struggles rather than examining their own choices that may have contributed to difficulties. 

While emphasizing one’s victimhood understandably makes it easier to rationalize negative life outcomes, the reality is that letting go of the past to focus on solutions requires healthy self-confidence and assertiveness.

9. She’s Sensitive to Body Image Triggers

When you’re dating an insecure woman, you may notice that she’s overly insecure about her physical appearance and is easily triggered when someone else draws attention to or comments on it.

Something as simple as a compliment may make her feel uncomfortable and exposed. She may also be overly conscious of how she looks in public or during social situations, worrying excessively about what people think of her.

10. She Takes People Pleasing to a New Level

People pleasers often do things to make others happy to feel accepted, welcomed, and liked. However, when women take this behavior to an extreme level, it may be a sign of low self-esteem and insecurity.

Insecure women often try too hard to please people, going above and beyond by offering favors or services that are unnecessary at times and to an excessive degree.

In addition, they may be overly accommodating in relationships or friendships, compromising their own needs and desires to make others happy, acting as a doormat in these relationships.

They never feel like they’re enough as they are and thus need validation from those around them.

11. Always Comparing Herself to Your Exes

If you’re dating an insecure woman, there’s a good chance that she may often compare herself to any of your exes. She may worry about her physical or emotional attributes and feel she doesn’t measure up in comparison.

This fear can lead to extreme jealousy and possessiveness in the relationship, as she constantly attempts to gauge where she stands in your eyes.

It’s essential to be honest with her while also providing reassurance that you’re committed to her despite any comparisons or anxieties she may have.

12. She Is Always Attention-Seeking

Is your girlfriend always trying to be the center of attention by interrupting conversations, oversharing on social media or with coworkers, or constantly seeking validation from those around her?

If so, she may be exhibiting signs of deep insecurity.

Insecure women are often desperate for attention and recognition in social settings, as they feel that it’s one of the few ways to gain validation and positive reinforcement from those around them.

13. She Is a Control Freak

Control is the ultimate symptom of insecurity.

Insecure women may be overly controlling in their relationships and need to be in charge of everything.

Whether it’s making decisions, giving orders, or exerting their opinions on others, they often use control as a means to cover up any insecurities that may be lurking beneath the surface.

They may attempt to control how their partners spend their time or who they hang out with, always wanting to know their whereabouts or what they’re doing.

14. She Has a Hard Time Accepting Your Success

It’s normal to experience a slight twinge of jealousy or envy when your significant other is successful and you are not.

However, if your girlfriend is having difficulty accepting and celebrating your successes, this may indicate low self-esteem and insecurity.

woman in bed having sad emotions signs of an insecure woman

Insecure women may be threatened by their partner’s accomplishments or try to downplay them to diminish their discomfort.

15. She Is Overly Self-Critical

The most common sign of insecurity in women is self-criticism. Insecure women often criticize themselves harshly and never think they are good enough.

This inner criticism may be internalized or expressed outwardly, depending on the situation and individual.

For example, a woman may criticize her physical appearance, even though she looks great, or feel she’s not intelligent enough to succeed in her career.

This constant self-criticism can be damaging and lead to a cycle of negative thoughts that can further lower self-esteem and confidence.

How to Treat an Insecure Woman You’re Dating

It can be challenging to love and accept an insecure partner, especially if their insecurities have been causing problems in the relationship. 

But the key is providing understanding, support, and reassurance without enabling toxic behaviors.

You can do this by:

  • Communicating openly and honestly: Talk to her about your concerns and explain how her actions affect your relationship. This will help her become more self-aware and motivated to make changes.
  • Building up her self-esteem: Provide praise, compliments, and encouragement when she is feeling down or overwhelmed. Showing support and understanding can help boost her confidence and give her the reassurance she needs.
  • Giving her space: Allow your partner some freedom to explore their individual interests, hobbies, and passions without feeling like they need to please you constantly. This will help her feel more secure in the relationship and less dependent on your approval.
  • Avoid blaming or shaming: It’s important to talk about her insecurities without being judgmental or critical. If you’re being too harsh or blaming her for her insecurities, it will only make the problem worse.
  • Encouraging self-care: Help her cultivate healthy habits and practices that will help boost her self-confidence, such as therapy, exercise, and hobbies. By taking the time to understand her needs and show her how much you care, you can help her overcome her insecurities and create a healthier and happier relationship.

Final Thoughts

Insecurity in women is often rooted in low self-esteem and can lead to various negative behaviors that can damage relationships.

It’s essential to recognize the signs of insecurity, understand why they might feel this way, and provide support and reassurance without enabling unhealthy behavior.

By doing so, you’ll be able to help your partner cultivate confidence and create a stronger and healthier bond.

Do you know a woman who's always feeling sad and down? Try to see if they have these signs of an insecure woman and see how you can help them.

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