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11 Ways to Practice Spiritual Sexuality 

11 Ways to Practice Spiritual Sexuality 

Let’s chat about sex and spirituality — aka “conscious sexuality.” 

Traditionally, North American culture frames sexual intimacy as a dirty, shameful, politicized act — which is too bad.

Because sex between consenting adults is one of life’s more pleasurable things, not to mention elemental to our species’ existence.

Besides, sometimes, the best spiritual sex is with yourself.  

So pull up a chair if you’re interested in exploring sacred sexuality more.

No need to blush; you’re in safe, non-judgmental company. 

What Is Spiritual Sex? 

Spiritual sex goes beyond the physical — beyond the orgasmic release. Some folks refer to it as a “communion with the soul.”

Please don’t read us wrong; release is a significant component of spiritual sex. But instead of just a physical explosion, you’re also treated to an energetic one. 

Definitionally, spiritual sex forges a tighter bond between your soul, your partner’s, and cosmic connections. Or, to put it another way, it merges life forces. 

Furthermore, since we’re all created from a divine mold, sacred sex allows us to celebrate ourselves and our partners as wanted, valuable beings. 

Spiritual intimacy also has the power to expand our consciousness. 

Fun Fact: The average physical, sexual encounter lasts 22 seconds after penetration. A session of spiritual sex could last over an hour.

Why Sex Should Be Treated As A Spiritual Practice 

Not every instance of intimacy needs to be a deep, soulful connection. But many folks discover they enjoy spiritual sexuality immensely.

What are the benefits of treating sex as a sacred activity? There are many, including:

  • An Explosion of Emotion: Spiritual sex is linked to hormonal release and, therefore, good for you. That’s right: according to WebMD.com, intense, passionate sex boosts the immune system, improves sleep, and reduces one’s chances of getting prostate cancer.  
  • Restorative Release: As we said, spiritual sex releases various feel-good hormones — even more than “normal” sex. The more stimulating chemicals you have churning through the body, the better you’ll feel.
  • Makes You Smarter: Sacred intercourse may actually improve your memory. How? The body interprets spiritual sex as an aerobic workout, which has been proven to boost cognitive functionality. 
  • Increased Self-Actualization: A big part of spiritual sex is being open to your partner and yourself, which leads to better self-actualization.
  • Blood Pressure: According to one study, spiritual sex may reduce blood pressure.

If you’ve been raised in an environment where sex is shrouded in shame, approaching it from a spiritual angle may help you develop a better relationship with intimacy.

intimate couple about to kiss each other spiritual sexuality

11 Ways to Practice Spiritual Sexuality 

We’ve discussed the definitions and benefits of spiritual sexuality. Now, let’s dive into the technicalities. How do you practice spiritual sexuality, exactly?  

1. Shoot for an Energy Orgasm

There’s more than one type of orgasm. We traditionally think of the physical kind, but you can also experience energy orgasms.

What are they?

Essential, energy orgasms involve the whole body and feel like you’re ensconced in a bubble of love or passion. 

Bonus Tip: Deep breathing helps this process along.

2. Use Oils

Many people love to use oils during sex. It makes the experience “slicker” — which many folks find erotic — and can serve as a topical lubricant to make things fit easier.

Add a ritualistic element to it by anointing each other with rose and sandalwood on the crown, third eye, heart, and sacral chakras.

It may feel a little silly if you’re not used to enhancing your sexual encounters, but it can be an amazing experience for committed couples. 

Bonus Tip: If you heat your oil, make sure it’s not too hot.

3. Prep the Room

Engage the room’s senses. Put on music that gives the room a softer, sexier vibe. Make the bed with either satin or super-soft blankets and sheets; then light candles to add a visual romantic flare.

And don’t forget to have some dark chocolate on hand for afterward. It contains elements that enhance the feel-good hormones coursing through your blood. A glass of wine also works. 

Bonus Tip: Want to watch your budget? Most dollar stores have lovely scented candles.

4. Prep Yourself

We enjoy things more when we feel our best, so prep your body and mind. Engage your own senses. 

Beforehand, shower. Use smell-good soaps and lotions. Don’t overdo it, though. Shoot for a soft waft. Some people like to make it a ritualistic event to get in the mood.

If you’re comfortable with lingerie, don some! Feel free to wear certain jewelry if it won’t get in the way of intercourse. And if makeup makes you feel beautiful, go for it.

Bonus Tip: If you use scented lotions and scents, ensure they match your body chemistry. 

5. Be Completely Open

For spiritual sex to be successful, both parties must shed their embarrassment about their bodies. It’s about opening yourself up to your partner to connect on another level.

Full transparency can be difficult at first — especially for those who are inadvertently taught to view sexual encounters as shameful. But when you break down those barriers, the emotional sky’s the limit.

Bonus Tip: Make a pact to keep everything that transpires between yourselves. Doing so will help alleviate any worries.

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6. Don’t Go in With Expectations

It’s vital not to go in with grand expectations. Getting the hang of spiritual sex can take a while. And as we’ve mentioned, it can feel a little embarrassing initially because sacred sex glorifies spiritual intimacy. 

Be exploratory and follow your instincts. Be free and have fun with it. 

Moreover, don’t forget that you want your partner to also feel at ease. So watch what you say, and under no circumstances should either party poke fun at the other during the event — or after.

sweet married couple cuddles in bed spiritual sexuality

Bonus Tip: Doing a quick meditation before can help clear you of any expectations.

7. Go Solo

Do you want to wait to have sex until you’re married but want to experience spiritual sex? Don’t worry; it’s 100% possible to have spiritual sex by and with yourself.  

You can use intimate toys on yourself — or even just your fingers. And don’t skimp on the atmosphere. Light candles for yourself and break out the special linens. You deserve it! 

Bonus Tip: There is lots of information out there regarding masturbation. If you share a computer, feel free to put the browser used to look it up in privacy mode.

8. Talk About it Afterward

Aftercare is a beautiful part of the intimate experience, often lacking when you’re just doing it for physical pleasure. It involves cuddling, talking about what just happened, and soothing each other.

And don’t be afraid to laugh at this point. It may bond you more and make the next time feel less “weird.”

Bonus Tip: It’s practically impossible to have spiritual sex with a casual booty call. So before trying it, ensure you’re with someone who doesn’t hop up three minutes after sex.

9. Incorporate Breathing Exercises

Breathing goes hand-in-hand with spiritual sex. Try doing tandem breaths in sacred units of 6, 7, or 8. Touching your third eyes while simultaneously deep breathing can lead to an enhanced connection. 

Also, try to guide your energy toward the heart and genitals.

Bonus Tip: Deliberate breathing exercises are provenly great for your health. Read up on it.

10. Worship Your Partner as a Sacred Representation

A big part of spiritual sex is honoring your partner as a unique and sacred being. Instead of approaching it with purely physical goals, think of it as a divine act. 

So long as you’re committed to each other and aim to glorify your partner’s energy and body, it is a sacred union.  

man and woman intimate spiritual sexuality

Bonus Tip: The time is now to stop fretting over minor “faults.” Appreciate yourself and your partner for who you are in the moment.

11. Journal About It

Journaling is an excellent way to incorporate self-reflection into your life. Thinking and writing about the emotions you experienced during the event can help you sort out what you like and don’t like.  

Journaling also extends the experience.

Bonus Tip: Get a few paper journals you love instead of typing your journal on a computer. Writing by hand helps you better process your thoughts.

We’ve explored how to have spiritual sex, so why not give it a shot? Many couples credit it with adding the spark back into their relationships. Plus, it’s great for the body and mind.

Connect more and practice conscious sexuality with yourself as you read more about spiritual sexuality in this post.

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