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101 Things To Do Before Your Turn 30 

101 Things To Do Before Your Turn 30 

Turning 30 is a big milestone for many people. 

It often feels like a transitional period as you move away from the freedom of your twenties and towards more responsibility.

For this reason, making the most of your twenties and cramming as much fun into them as possible is essential. 

To help you make the most of this time, we wanted to create this bucket list of 101 unique and fun things to do before you turn 30.

It’s an eclectic list with plenty of options to suit different tastes.

Why You Need to Have a Before 30 Bucket List 

It’s understandable to question why anyone would need a list of things to do before they turn 30. After all, isn’t it better to just live life and see where it takes you?

Well, yes and no. On the one hand, it’s great to be spontaneous and go with the flow.

But on the other hand, there are specific experiences and moments you might miss out on if you don’t plan. 

A “before 30 bucket list” will help you ensure you don’t miss out on experiences that take time, resources, and effort to prepare. Other benefits include: 

  • It encourages taking healthy risks: There are plenty of exciting experiences out there that will challenge and push you out of your comfort zone, both physically and mentally. Having a list helps focus you on pushing those boundaries and encourages you to try something new.
  • It provides clarity and direction: It’s easy for you to drift aimlessly through your twenties, unsure of what you want to do and where you want to go. Having a bucket list helps provide focus and clarity and gives you a clear path to follow.
  • It gives you something to look forward to: Having a list of goals or activities can motivate and help you anticipate upcoming events with excitement. Plus, ticking off each item as it is achieved is immensely satisfying!

101 Things To Do Before 30 

People have different interests and goals, but some activities are universally great to do before you turn 30. 

This list is a mix of experiences that range from the wild and daring to the introspective and reflective and will help shape your future and give you memories that last a lifetime.

The Most Essential 30 Things to Do Before 30

By dividing the list into four categories, we hope it makes it easier to find something that suits your taste or current situation. 


1. Take a cross-country road trip with your closest friends.

2. Take a solo camping trip.

3. Use a means of transport you’ve never used before.

4. Attend a music festival abroad.

5. Go to an exotic beach destination.

6. Visit an ancient ruin.

7. Explore your own city like a tourist.

8. Explore at least one national park.

9. Visit a place where your ancestors are from.

10. Take a cruise.

Personal Growth

12. Learn a new language.

13. Read an influential book that changes your life.

riding a hot air balloon things to do before 30

14. Take a class to improve your confidence or self-esteem.

15. Improve your emotional intelligence.

16. Learn to meditate or practice yoga.

17. Practice active and engaged listening in your relationships.

18. Try therapy for a few months even if you don’t think you need it .

19. Put yourself out there to develop new friendships.

20. Learn how to manage money and save for the future.

Adventures and Creative Pursuits

21. Try out a daring adventure sport (bungee jumping, white water rafting, etc.).

22. Try scuba diving with sharks.

23. Challenge yourself to conquer a fear (e.g., heights, spiders, public speaking).

24. Go on a hot air balloon ride.

25. Visit an amusement park and go on all the rides.

26. Take a solo camping trip.

27. Complete a long-distance hike or biking trail.

28. Set a world record or complete a unique challenge.

29. Learn photography and take photos of your favorite places.

30. Take an art class or learn a creative skill (painting, pottery, etc.).

Things to Do Before 30 For Women 

As a woman, there are unique experiences you can have while in your twenties that will help shape who you become and how you view the world.

Fitness and Wellbeing

31. Take a dance class to learn salsa, flamenco, tango, or other dance styles.

32. Join an aerobics or spinning class.

33. Participate in an organized sports activity (e.g., running, basketball, football).

34. Learn how to practice self-care through massage or aromatherapy.

35. Take a workshop on nutrition and healthy eating.

36. Go for a health screening.

With Friends and Family

37. Have a picnic with friends in a beautiful outdoor setting.

38. Host a themed dinner party with your closest friends.

39. Go on a weekend trip with your family.

40. Visit a museum or art gallery with your friends.

41. Go to a concert or live show with your friends.

42. Throw a surprise birthday party for a loved one.

43. Have a movie marathon with friends.

44. Go on a shopping spree with your best friend.

Learning Experiences:

45. Attend a lecture, talk, or seminar on a topic of interest.

46. Take a course on public speaking or communication.

47. Learn how to code, program, or design websites.

meditation class in groups things to do before 30

48. Join an online community related to your interests.

49. Take part in an internship or volunteer program.

50. Learn a DIY or craft skill (painting, jewelry making, etc.).

Culinary Experiences:

51. Try a new restaurant or cuisine every month.

52. Bake a cake from scratch.

53. Create and cook a meal plan for a week.

54. Make a traditional recipe handed down from your family or culture.

55. Learn how to make the perfect cocktail.

Self-Care and Personal Fulfilment:

56. Get a professional makeover.

57. Try a new or bold hairstyle.

58. Buy a lovely black dress.

59. Learn how to walk confidently in heels.

60. Invest in quality skin care products.

61. Check into a luxurious hotel for an unforgettable experience.

62. Buy yourself a once-in-a-lifetime piece of jewelry.

63. Perfect your makeup skills.

64. Create a capsule wardrobe full of timeless pieces.

65. Experiment with portrait photography.

66. Take a solo vacation to somewhere you’ve never been before.

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Things to Do Before 30 For Men

While there are common experiences for all people in their twenties, men should also try out a few activities and challenges specially tailored to them.

This list includes a mix of physical, social, and intellectual pursuits that can help you grow, learn new things, and have some fun.


67. Go on a hunting or fishing trip.

68. Take part in an extreme sport (e.g., rock climbing, skateboarding, BMX).

69. Go on a multi-day white water rafting trip.

70. Try out some motorsports (e.g., dirt biking, go-karting, jet skiing).

71. Go on an expedition to a remote part of the world.

72. Take part in an off-road race.

Social Experiences:

73. Take part in a pub crawl with your buddies.

74. Have a beer-tasting night with your friends.

75. Attend an international sporting event.

76. Try out a karaoke night with your friends.

77. Go to an improv or comedy show.

78. Play poker or blackjack at a casino.

79. Host a backyard barbecue for your friends.

80. Attend a bachelor party.

Health and Fitness

81. Attend a boot camp or other specialized workout class.

82. Learn how to box or practice martial arts.

83. Join a sports team and compete in a local league.

camping with friends things to do before 30

84. Take up weightlifting or bodybuilding.

85. Take part in a military-style fitness challenge.

Just To Say You Did:

86. Go ziplining through a forest or jungle.

87. Take part in a competitive eating contest.

88. Participate in a flash mob event.

89. Ride a mechanical bull.

90. Try out an escape room adventure.

92. Attend a high-stakes sporting event such as the Super Bowl or NBA Finals.

93. Take part in a dance-off.

94. Enter an amateur arm wrestling tournament.

95. Go to a live taping of a TV show or podcast.

96. Test drive an exotic car.

97. Take part in a wild scavenger hunt.


98. Master a handyman skill (e.g., plumbing, carpentry, etc.).

99. Take a course in first aid and emergency preparedness.

100. Get a motorbike or flying license.

101. Complete a mental health awareness course.

Bottom Line

Regardless of how you choose to spend the years leading up to your thirtieth birthday, make sure it’s a time of growth and exploration. 

Whether it’s learning a new skill or going on an exciting adventure, take this time to invest in yourself and do things that you may not be able to do later on. 

This way, you can look back on your twenties with pride and satisfaction, knowing that you made the most of this precious time in your life.

What are the common things to do before 30? Create your bucket list with this set of things to do and achieve them before you turn 30.

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